35th BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award

It is another year of glory for HYS. This year, our school has been awarded the Bauhinia Bowl Award for 35 consecutive years. This is not only a recognition for the all-round performance of our girls in the sports arena, but also a sign of the inheritance of the Heep Yunn spirit from the past generations of Heep Yunn students. The perseverance and passion of our girls paid off with the full support of our dedicated coaches and teachers.

The hard work of our athletes is undeniably the major key to achieving another year of success. Thanks to our sports girls, who sacrificed their precious time for revision and other activities to fully engage in practising and improving their skills, Heep Yunn managed to snitch the Bauhinia Bowl once again. Their endeavours and persistence are highly commended.

Apart from the effort of all our athletes, the support of our coaches and the cooperation of our teachers also played an important part in making it happen. Without the timely training tips they passed on and their well-planned strategies, winning the Bauhinia Bowl would have been an impossible dream. Without the make-up classes and extra help offered by our teachers, our sports girls would never be able to strike a balance between their studies and sports.

On the 9th of July, the school organised a celebration dinner at the Mira Hong Kong. HYS students, alumnae and teachers, as well as the coaches of our sports teams, gathered to celebrate our 35th accolade. It was truly a memorable night for everyone.

Athletes, we are proud of you! And we are looking forward to seeing further achievements next year as we always say, ‘Heep Yunn legend never ends.’


By: Natalie Chow 5E (5)