Heartstrings 2019

Music has always played a significant role in Heep Yunn. The school has been extremely supportive, providing numerous opportunities for all our student musicians to showcase their talents throughout the year. With the school year drawing to an end, our annual concert, Heartstrings, was held on the 4th of July, 2019 at Ko Shan Theatre.

The concert was filled with remarkable performances from various music groups. Apart from the brilliant performances of the Chinese Orchestra, Choir groups, the Symphonic Band, the String Orchestra and the School Orchestra, two solo performances were added to the usual lineup, including a piano concerto and a harmonica concerto. In addition, our award-winning Wind Ensembles and the Percussion Ensemble performed immaculately and imbued the theatre with the joy of music. Throughout the night, the audience was absorbed in the enchanting classical music as well as the refreshing modern pieces such as the Putonghua pop medley, performed by the vocal ensemble Mellifluous. 

There is no doubt that Heartstrings was a massive success. We greatly appreciate the immense efforts of all our students and teachers, especially our music teachers Miss Yu and Miss So. We hope that Heep Yunn musicians will continue to shine on stage and excel in the coming year.


Text by: Helen Chow (4D)