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Careers Department 2016-2017

Coordinator: Mr. K.L. Lee / Miss O.K. Lee / Mr. M.W. Kwok
Members: Miss I. Chan              Mr. C.Y. Lau
Miss S.Y. Fong          Mr. T.T. To
Miss H.C. Ho             Miss K.L. Wong
Miss Y.C. Hui             Miss L. Wong
Miss J. Kwok              Miss H.F. Yeung
Miss N. Lai                 Mr. C.H. Yuen

The Careers Department organizes a wide range of activities catering to the diverse needs of our students. Since the Department is very much involved in preparing students for their futures beyond the school, its focus leans towards helping the older students.

To this end, activities are organized that aim to increase students’ awareness of the outside world and the options they can look to. Form Six students are strongly encouraged to take an interest in the choices available to them for study at tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and overseas. Every effort is made to ensure that students are given relevant, useful and practical advice so as to maximize their choices while minimizing their worries and struggles.

Form Four to Five students are kept informed of the paths that lie ahead and abundant literature is available concerning options for them. They also receive the clear message that wherever they go they are welcome at any time to receive help and advice from their mother school.

Activities including leadership training, scholarship applications, interview skills, university talks, overseas trips and company visits are organized for students.

The Department also seeks to help junior form students who are considering overseas schooling. They are given recommendations that set them in the best light and as such they are given every chance to succeed in their ambitions.