Chinese Debating Competitions

In January 2019, nine members of our Chinese Debating Team travelled to Shenzhen to take part in the International Chinese Debating Competitions. This is a prestigious tournament in the global Mandarin (Putonghua) speaking community, with twenty-four secondary school teams from all over the world vying for the top prize. Some countries were represented by some illustrious speakers, eg. Malaysia, Singapore and of course, Mainland China.

Our representatives were able to demonstrate their skills in public speaking, and impressed the judges sufficiently to win the competition, with one member winning the Best Speaker Award.

Furthermore, our team also won over the judges in the 18th Basic Law Cup in February, after several rounds of rigorous debates to reach the finals.

We are always mindful of the hard work of our girls despite a hectic school schedule; but we are more grateful for the dedication and care of our debate coaches, Mr. K.L. Ho and Mr C.N. Tang, as well as all the teachers who have accompanied us to our competition venues, to ensure our safety and well-being. We look forward to seeing more of your skills and hearing of your further achievements.

Debating not only helps to develop our thinking and public speaking skills. It also encourages us to seek more knowledge to widen our horizons and better prepare ourselves for the rigorous demands of the Diploma of Secondary Education Examinations.