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Heep Yunn School offers students a lot of opportunities to develop their own interests and realize their potential outside formal school syllabus.  The guiding principles for providing co-curricular activities are to:

  • provide students with an all-round education
  • promote education for life
  • cultivate internationalism and respect for other cultures
  • adapt to the local environment and allow students to maintain a strong sense of cultural identity

Currently, Heep Yunn has over 60 co-curricular programmes organized by the departments (as an extension to the curriculum) and the various groups or organizations co-ordinated under the Co-Curricular Activities Committee.

Composition of Co-Curricular Activities Committee

Co-ordinator: Mr T.K. Tong
Members: Miss W.S. Cheng (Sports Activities)
Miss J. Yu (Music Department)
Mr. T.K. Tong (Student Association)

Covering a wide range of sports activities, Heep Yunn houses 15 sports teams and all of them, indeed, have reached a very high standard.Since 1984, Heep Yunn has dominated girls’ sports in the Hong Kong and Kowloon regions and continued to be the overall champion of the much-coveted BOC(HK) Bauhinia Bowl Award (formerly the Omega Rose Bowl).

We have a sports membership of around 400 students – nearly one third of our school population.  Teams practice 2 to 3 times weekly on campus where available to ensure a strong unity and cohesion among the athletes.

Sports Teams Teacher-in-charge
Athletics Mr. W.K. Lam / Miss M.H. Cheung /

Mr. C.H. Yuen

Badminton Miss M. Lum / Mr. W.M. Cheung /

Mr. Y.H. Kueh

Basketball Miss D. Yum
Beach Volleyball Mr. K. Lam
Cross-Country Mr. W.K. Lam
Fencing Miss S.Y. Fong
Handball Miss M. Lum
Hockey Miss C. Lai
Indoor Rowing Miss V. Lai / Mr. W.K. Lam
Life-saving Miss V. Lai
Netball Miss D. Yum / Miss P.Y. Chan
Rugby Mr. W.K. Lam
Softball Miss H.H. Tsoi
Squash Miss M.F. Cheng
Swimming Miss V. Lai
Table Tennis Miss S.Y. Ku
Tennis Mr. P.H. Lee
Volleyball Mr. K. Lam

The music department offers musical groups and instrumental classes for students to further their music education outside the classroom. With 4 choirs, 5 orchestral groups and various instrumental classes, students have ample opportunities to develop their musical talents in Heep Yunn.

Instrumental Classes

Co-ordinators: Miss J. Yu

Miss Q. So

Members: Miss M.H. Cheung

Mr. W.M. Cheung

Miss P.S. Fong

Miss H.C. Ho

Miss J. Kwok

Miss L. Lau

Miss Y.F. Lam

Miss T. Shum

Miss W.W. Tsang

Mr. L.K. Wong

Music Groups Conductor
Junior Choir Miss Q. So
Senior Choir Miss J. Yu
Intermediate Mixed Choir Miss Q. So / Mr. F. Shuen (from Diocesan Boys’ School)
Senior Mixed Choir Miss J. Yu / Dr. L. Chan (from Wah Yan College Kowloon)
Orchestra Mr.W.H. Tang
String Orchestra Mr.W.H Tang
Symphonic Band Mr. J. Tse
Chinese Orchestra Mr. H. Cheung
Chinese Percussion Ensemble Mr. Y.C. Fu

The Student Association (SA) consists of an Executive Committee and Student Council.  The Executive Committee serves as a coordinator between the houses and the subordinate clubs and societies.

Divided into 7 departments, the SA devotes herself to organizing a wide range of extra-curricular activities, major school functions and providing welfare services. Activities like Inter-house Singing Contest, Inter-house Sports Competition and Foundation Day are organized annually.

The Student Council is made up of representatives from each class, to articulate and gather student opinions. It promotes efficient communication between students and the Executive Committee.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. T.K. Tong
Teacher Advisers: Mr. L.K. ChanMiss P.Y. Chan

Mr. K.L. Ho

Mr. T.H. Man

Miss L. Wong

Miss Y.C. Yiu

Miss D. Yum

House House Master/Mistress
Heep Miss T. Shum
Yunn Mr. L.K. Chan
Chung Mr. C.Y. Lau
Hok Mr. Y.C. Woo
Hau Mr. C.K. Lo
Clubs & Societies Teacher-in-charge
Art Club Miss A. Choi / Miss K.K. Yu
Careers Club Mr. K.L. Lee
Chinese Society Mr. C.Y. Lau / Miss K.K. Poon
Community Youth Club Mr. M.W. Kwok
Computer Society Mr. C.K. Lo
Counselling Club Miss I. Yeung
Dance Club Miss A. Tsoi
Debating Club Mr. T.H. Man / Mr. Y.C. Woo
Debating Team (English) Mr. K.L. Lee / Mr. Y.H. Kueh / Miss K.L. Wong
Debating Team (Chinese) Mr. K.L. Ho / Mr. T.H. Man / Miss S.H. Tsang / Mr. L.K. Chan / Miss K. Chu / Mr. M.W. Kwok / Mr. Y.C. Woo
Debating Team (Putonghua) Mr. K.L. Ho / Miss K. Chu
Drama Group & EMI Drama Team Miss W.S. Mok / Miss Y.C. Yiu / Miss W.Y. Mo / Miss A. Tsoi
Earth Sciences Society Miss T.W. To
English Society Miss S. Bi / Miss C.Y. Chow / Miss J. Chow / Miss P.Y. Chan / Miss J. Tang
Girl Guides – 4th West Kowloon Company Miss C.W. Kwong / Miss L. Wong
Heritage & Cultural Society Miss M.F. Cheng
Home Economics Society Miss S.M. Chau / Miss Y.Y. Chick
Library Club and Library Prefects Miss H.H. Tsoi / Miss G. Wong
Mathematics & Chess Club Mr. Y.C. Woo
Photography Club Mr. K.W. Tong / Mr. C.Y. Lau
Psychology Club Miss S.L. Lee / Miss G. Wong
Zonta Club Miss P.Y. Chan
Christian Fellowship Miss G. Fung

Miss M.H. Cheung

Mr. S. Choi

Miss J. Kwok

Miss M.Y. Leung

Miss L.S. Leung

Model United Nations Mr. K. L. Lee
Media Team Mr. M.W. Tang
– Audio-Visual Team Miss J. Chow
– School news Miss P.Y. Chan
– Photography Team Mr. K.W. Tong
– Liaison Mr. K.L. Ho
Publications Teacher-advisers
Co-ordinator: Mr. H.W. Lau
School Magazine – Vintage Mr. M.W. Kwok   (Chinese)

Mr. C.Y. Lau        (Chinese)

Miss N.Y. Leung (Chinese)

Miss H.C. Ho       (English)

Miss H.Y. Lam     (English)

Mr. K.L. Lee         (English)

Miss T. Wu           (English)

School Newspaper – GatherineClick to view Miss Y.H. Ting

Miss S. Bi

Miss K.L. Wong