Cush!onary – 2016/17 JA Company Programme

What better way to learn about entrepreneurship than operating a real business on your own? 20 F.4-F.5 students participated in the JA Company Programme, in which they were given the opportunity to start their own business under the guidance of business advisors. Cush!onary was founded in September, followed by five months of hard work, presentations and meetings. The highlight of the programme was definitely a Trade Fair in Chartered Garden, where goods invented by the student companies were showcased and sold.

This is the first time Heep Yunn School participated in the programme and the 20 aspiring entrepreneurs have brought back encouraging results: they successfully transacted 350 units of their self-designed products, and all shareholders were given a 200% operating liquidating dividend along with their original investment. While we congratulated our students on their success, we would also like to express our deepest gratitude to teachers and business advisors for their advice and encouragement along the process. We hope that our students will continue to explore possibilities and put their best foot forward in the business field in the future!

Text by: Stethanie Yeung (4D)