About the school - School information

Year of commencement of operation 1936
Supervisor Dr. Allan Yuen
Principal Ms. Leung Siu Yi Bella
School type DSS school
School sponsoring body The Council Of Heep Yunn School
Religion Christianity - Anglican
School size (land area) 11,000 m2

At Heep Yunn, we offer intensive development programmes for students with diverse potentials. Here we believe that God has endowed each and every one of us with special talents, and it is our mission to provide support for our girls so that they will recognize and make good use of theirs. Inside and outside the classroom, Heep Yunn girls will constantly learn to realize their potentials through trial and hard work, with the strong will to succeed.

The school offers 15 school sports teams, three orchestras, four choirs, debating teams in both Chinese, PTH and English, an active drama club and over 60 other co-curricular programmes relating to languages, humanity studies, visual art, science, community services and leadership training. These programmes serve as engines for innovation and creativity, with a strong emphasis in peer support, personal responsibility and commitment, allowing learning to take place in tier structures that cater to a wide range of different abilities.

We aim to cultivate intelligence, leadership, flexibility, tenacity and perseverance in all our students so that they will be well prepared for the challenges at this time of rapid changes. But more than that, we believe that education is not just a stepping stone to personal success. Our pledge is to help our girls to develop, alongside academic excellence, compassion, integrity, social responsibility and a commitment to care and to serve so that they will be ready for their responsibilities as future leaders of the community.

We believe that as educators we should not only empower each individual student to excel, but, more than that, also motivate the entire school community to empower one another and to bring out the best in all in a common effort. The distinctive achievements of Heep Yunn School in sports, music, debates, drama and science ventures all testify to the success of our school ethics and team work.

Our Chinese school name, "United in Grace", captures the very vision of Heep Yunn: what we take pride in is not only our ability to turn out student with remarkable academic achievements but, most of all, our extraordinary spirit of unity and service. Heep Yunn girls are comrades in a Christian community working in harmonious concert to achieve distinction in academic pursuits, in all extra-curricular programmes as well as in various services. Each stands in support of all others, in good times and bad. In their quest for brilliance, Heep Yunn girls are never alone. They have one another, and, with the unfailing loving support of Jesus Christ, they will all shine.