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South China Morning Post Student of the Year Awards

Our school has always placed heavy emphasis on and taken great pride in supporting our students’ holistic development. No matter it be in academics, sports or music, our girls have all been able to show their skills to the fullest in their chosen fields. This year, our students have broken through the ranks and attained several different South China Morning Post Student of the Year Awards, fully demonstrating the success of our all-round approach to education. The recipients are as follows:

Sportsperson: Yeung Sum Yee (Winner)
Linguist Putonghua: Man Ka Yee Angel (Winner)
Visual Artist: Wan Lok Yiu (Shortlisted)
Linguist Cantonese: Yip Ning See (Shortlisted)
Linguist English: Ma Wan Ki Jess (Shortlisted)


Inter-School Athletics Competition 2016-2017

This year’s Inter-School Athletics Competition was held on 22nd,27th February and 3rd March. During these three days, we are glad to see our devoting athletes breaking their limits and striking for the best results. The competition was drawn to a close with our school getting the third place. Whilst our athletes were sweating on the track and field, our cheering teams also gave them their best cheers on the spectator stand, showing our support for every single one of our competing athletes. Once again, they demonstrated our spirit of “Together Everyone Achieves More”. We wish all members of our athletics team keep on striving for their best, treasure the time they spent with their teammates and obtain a fruitful harvest in the future.

List of medal winners:

A GradeB GradeC Grade
100m2nd 1C Luo Tsz Yuen 12.93
200m3rd 1C Luo Tsz Yuen 27.39
4th 2B Mak Wing Ting 27.45
400m4th 5A Tsui Wing Yu 1:02.81 1st 1A Fong Ching 1:00.38
2nd 2C Ho Kin Ling 1:01.76
800m4th 3E Cheung Ming Ka 2:33.39 3rd 1A Fong Ching 2:29.85
4th 1E Lo Cheuk Yat 2:33.46
1500m3rd 3C Chan Hiu Yee 5:13.33
4th 4A Wong Cheuk Ning 5:15.23
3rd 1E Lo Cheuk Yat 5:21.42
100m Hurdle 1st 4E Yum Ka Wing 15.33
High Jump 3rd 6C Tam Yuen Ting 1.55m 1st 4A Cheung Ching Laam 1.69m 3rd 2A Chan Ho Ling 1.39m
Long Jump 4th 6C Tam Yuen Ting 5.19m 2nd 2C Ho Kin Ling 5.02m
Shot Put 2nd 2C Koo Hoi Ying 9.45m
Discus 2nd 5A Leung Yuet Yee 30.41m
4th 5B Lai Nga Man 28.10m
2nd 4E Lau Fong Ying 32.99m
3rd 3E Fung Pak Hei 27.17m
1st 2C Koo Hoi Ying 27.55m
Javelin 3rd 4D Ng Pui Yan 34.08m


Nike JingYing Basketball Tournament

This year's Nike HK Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament finally came to an end on 5th February 2017. Demonstrating outstanding teamwork and techniques, our basketball team beat Hon Wa Secondary School by 73:56, becoming the Girls' champion. This was also our fifth successive championships in the tournament. Wong Nga Man of F.6C, Tsui Wing Yu of F.5A, Lai Nga Man of F.5B and Chan Yan Man of F.4B won the title of Assist Leader, Best Defensive Player, Most Valuable Player and Best Rookie respectively.

Such remarkable achievements is in no way dependent on luck; rather, it is their concerted and relentless endeavours throughout the year, together with the support from teachers and schoolmates, that brought them to success. We hope for the best for our basketball team in the future.



Our annual Fun Fair was held successfully on 15th January 2017. Despite unfavourable weather conditions in the morning, our students worked hand in hand and prepared their stalls at the playground and the basketball court. We are thankful for the pleasant weather once the funfair started. Each class had a unique booth design, and they perfectly put together a beautiful picture of our school. As Heep Yunn girls are encouraged to be independent, cooperative and appreciative individuals, our annual Fun Fair is a golden opportunity to foster these values, enabling our students to work with their classmates while raising funds for the school. We believe that not only did our students enjoy a delightful Sunday with their family and friends, but they will also forever remember the wonderful memories.


Exchange Programme with Diocesan Girls' School

This is the second year that our school has held an exchange programme with Diocesan Girl’s School. From 10th to 12th January, 16 Form 4 students from DGS visited our school. Apart from having lessons with the F.4 classes, they also participated in the preparation for the annual Fun Fair with their buddies and shared the joyful experience.

Reciprocally, from the 17th to 19th January, 16 of our F4 students visited DGS and took a glance at the school lives of their buddies. They got to experience the learning atmosphere in DGS and had left some great memories there.

This exchange programme has certainly fostered the friendship between the two schools. Throughout this exchange programme, our students discovered the uniqueness of both schools and have broadened their horizons, not to mention made new friends!


Christmas Music Camps

The annual Hong Kong Schools Music Festival is around the corner. To prepare for the imminent competitions, three music camps were organized in the Christmas Holiday by our school’s music department. Our school orchestra and choir had a three-day-two-night camp while the Chinese orchestra conducted one that lasted for two days. In the midst of the cold, our musicians rehearsed relentlessly to familiarize themselves with the scores. Apart from the intensive practices, there were group activities for members to relax. Engaging in the games, members from different forms got closer with one another in the musical families. In the choral camp held in Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp, choir members were divided into groups and each group had to come up with a unique musical performance, overwhelming the campsite with joy. Members of the school orchestra and Chinese orchestra also had a great time playing detective games and city-orienteering. After the Christmas camps, all musicians developed a greater sense of belonging towards their teams, and were ready to shine in the coming competitions. We wholeheartedly hope that Heep Yunn music groups would showcase their talents in the music festivals and bring back satisfying results.


9th Jingying Asian Debating Tournament

Last December, our school’s Putonghua debating team represented Hong Kong to participate in the 9th Jingying Asian Debating Tournament. After six days of intense competitions our team was awarded fourth among 64 teams from Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The team also won the Jury Recommendation Award for overseas areas, as an acknowledgement of their excellent performance. Our two captains, Yuen Chu Ki of F.5D and Ko Nga of F.5E, were chosen as the Best Debater in the preliminary and round-robin rounds respectively.

Debating trains us to think critically and analyse logically. With the hard work of teachers and students, we are certain that our debating team will continue to shine brightly in the future.


2015-2016 Speech Day

Heep Yunn School’s Speech Day for the academic year 2015-2016 was held on 24th November in the school hall, recognizing the achievements and efforts of our graduates. Like in our previous year, the school council member Revd. K.K. Chan began the ceremony with an opening prayer, which was followed by an opening address by the school council’s chairman, the Right Revd. Dr. Timothy Kwok. The school principal Ms. B Leung then presented the Principal’s Report of the year, addressing the prominent performances of our students over the past year. After the inspiring address by our guest of honour, the Most Revd. Dr. Paul Kwong, the Archbishop and Primate of HKSKH, certificates and awards were presented to our graduates and students with accomplishments in various areas. A valediction to the school was then given by Anneena Wong, the representative of our graduates this year and the former head prefect, and a vote of thanks was given by her successor, our current head prefect Niki Lau. All attendants sang the School Song, and the blessing from our guest of honour and the magnificent performance by the school music group marked the end of the ceremony.


Inter-school Softball Competition

The softball team members have been striving hard in order to do their best in Interschool Softball Competitions ever since the beginning of October. Prepared for a tough battle, the team members finally met their most formidable opponent in this competition, Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School. On 19th November, the long-anticipated interschool softball competition (finals) between HYS and WSC marked an end of this year’s Interschool Softball Competitions. Our team won the champion by demonstrating their teamwork and perseverance. Not only did their hard work pay off, but they also got to explore their talents and potentials. One of our team members, Leung Tak Yi of F.6E, was given the title of Most Valuable Player.

Our victory in the Interschool Softball Competitions again proves to us the importance of unity and team spirit. We hope that our team members can continue to endeavor for excellence and continue the Heep Yunn legend!

2016.11.07 & 2016.11.14

Inter-house Athletics Meet

The Inter-house Athletics Meet Heats and Finals this year was held in Wan Chai Sports Ground on 7th and 14th November respectively.

Under the beautiful weather, our athletes were able to bring out their best performances while the cheers and chants echoed through the site. The excitement peaked when different school teams competed against each other in relays, which involved challenging tasks like dodging obstacles and 2-people-3-legs. What is even more memorable would be the student-teacher relays. The students at the spectator’s stance all cheered for our teachers as they ran on the tracks, competing against their fellow colleagues.

This year, we were honored to invite one of our alumnae, Miss Hilda Choi, a triathlete, to host the closing ceremony for us. She shared with us her experience in facing difficulties and encouraged us to overcome the obstacles bravely.

With us singing “Today We Are One”, this year’s Athletics Meet was drawn to an end.


Inter-school Swimming Competition

Due to the untimely arrival of a typhoon, the highly anticipated Inter-School Swimming Competition was postponed to 7th November this year.

The day started off with a splash of excitement as the swimmers of our school team leapt gracefully into the water and used all the strength they could summon to propel themselves forward, white sprays of water trailing in their wake. With the enthusiastic sounds of cheering from both teachers and students echoing in their ears, our students swam faster and faster, gliding through the water with ease, arriving at the finishing line in the blink of an eye.

Through countless training sessions and the encouragement from both teachers and schoolmates, the swimming team was able to put their best foot forward in this competition. Not only did they set many new records, but they also achieved the position of first runner-up overall. The C-grade swimming team members of our school also achieved the best result in the last 12 years and took home the gold.

We wish the best for all swimming team athletes in their future competitions, and hope that they may continue to pass on the torch of the Heep Yunn spirit.

2016.10.30 & 2016.11.05

P6 Briefing

Our school hosted three rounds of briefings on Form 1 admissions on 30th October and 5th November. The briefings were aimed to let students and parents interested in applying to our school have a better understanding about us. When our principal, Ms Bella Leung, gave a talk on admission information to parents in the hall, she also gave our guests an insight into our management structure and education beliefs. Our assistant principals and past alumnae further introduced our school to the guests. Meanwhile, our young visitors participated in checkpoint games across our campus in groups to know more about our sports teams, music groups, debating teams, science ambassadors and other clubs. The P.6 students were very proactive in completing the tasks, it was surely a lively scene. After two rounds of games, parents and students toured the campus together with our student ambassadors. We attribute the huge success of the briefing sessions to all teachers and student helpers. Lastly, we hope the P.6 students can successfully enroll in the school they deem suitable for themselves.


Heep Yunn School 80th Anniversary----Foundation Day

Affected by typhoon Haima, this year’s 80th Anniversary Foundation Day was postponed to 24th October. Since its establishment in 1936, Heep Yunn School has prospered under God’s guidance for 8 decades. To celebrate this significant day, our students sang hymns and prayed together in the school hall during the Thanksgiving ceremony, followed by a choral by the school choir.

This year, we were honoured to have invited an alumna, Ms Susan Tsui, to share her experiences in school and the way to success in our future. Her speech deepened our students’ knowledge of the school’s history and past.

In addition, the Student Association held several celebratory events, including onstage performances, and some of our teachers participated in a game session. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We wish Heep Yunn School would always uphold our school motto, “In strength and grace we stand united, in faith and love we are committed”, and that Heep Yunn girls would never forget to pass on our Heep Yunn Spirit.

Happy Birthday Heep Yunn!


Personal Growth Programmes for Forms 1 to 5

Form One 4-day-3-night Leadership Training Camp

In order to strengthen the unity among the new members of the Heep Yunn family, F.1 students participated in a leadership training camp in Sai Kung Bradbury Campsite from 10th to 15th October, during which students had various valuable experiences, ranging from cooking their own dinner to building rafts. These experiences allowed them to learn to cooperate with others, understand the importance of unity and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. They also built up their confidence and made new bonds.

We hope the F.1 students have gained fruitful experiences in this training camp and make use of the experience they learnt to pass on the unity of Heep Yunn.

Form 2 Liannan Trip

Our school has always been keen on providing students with opportunities to learn outside the classrooms. In order to broaden our horizons, a five-day tour to Liannan County and Zhongshan City was held from the 11th to the 14th of October this year. All Form 2 students, along with 25 school teachers and 12 student leaders from senior forms, participated in this study tour.

One of the highlights of the trip was their visit to Liannan Wo Shui School, where they engaged themselves in mini-teaching. Through planning, organising and conducting lessons for the primary students, not only did our students gain valuable teaching experiences, but also developed a deeper insight into the joy and meaningfulness of giving. Furthermore, they explored the life of locals by visiting the farmhouses and taking part in farm work. During their time in Liannan, they also visited the Yaozhai Village, where they learnt about the customs and cultures of this group of ethnic minorities.

After spending three days in Liannan, our girls travelled to ZhongShan City for school visits at two renowned schools, namely Ji Zhong Ya Ju Le Kai Yin School and Hai Zhou School. Our students were impressed by the way the local students learnt through group discussions. Also, through which students shared and compared the differences in school lives in Hong Kong and ZhongShan. Last but not least, our girls even participated in an exciting and rewarding debating competition on the topic “The greatness of humanity is seen from our thoughts instead of our actions” with the Ji Zhong Ya Ju Le Kai Yin School debating team.

Through this trip, our girls experienced life of the locals and came to realise the importance of being grateful and treasuring what we have. Furthermore, they developed deeper understanding of the culture of the Yao people. It is also believed that our girls benefited from applying and sharing their knowledge with others during their volunteer work in Liannan as well as their exchange with students in ZhongShan.

Form 3 Taiwan study tour

This year, our school organized a four-day long Taiwan study tour from 12th to 15th October which aimed at giving students an opportunity to experience the local culture, learn through various site visits how environmental protection work is done in Taiwan and observe its unique geological environment. The trip was packed with fun and educational activities and they had a taste of another type of learning experience outside of the classroom.

The trip kicked off with site visits to the Tamkang University, Ju Ming Museum and Yehliu Geopark. Apart from broadening their horizon, Form 3 students also gained profound insight into Taiwan’s geological landscape and history. Moreover, they visited the well-known Shilin Night Market to savour local food. Another remarkable activity was their visit to Taichung Municipal Chungming Senior High School in which they had cultural exchange with the friendly Taiwanese students. They made new friends and realized the cultural differences between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

All of them agreed that the tour was a precious and unforgettable experience. The insights they had gained there enriched their understanding of the world.

Form 4 Work Placement Programme

From 11th to 14th October, our Form 4 students were provided with a golden opportunity to participate in the Work Placement Programme. Students were assigned to posts in various companies from different industries, including schools, clinics, law firms, etc. In this 4-day programme, participants not only widened their visions, but also went one step further to prepare themselves for our future society. Tasks were allocated to students by the companies to help students learn through experimenting and experiencing. By exploring their potentials and interests through this programme, students acquired a better idea of their future career pursuits. Moreover, the programme enabled students to acquire communication skills in a workplace, as well as empowering them problem-solving skills. Last but foremost, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all companies which provided posts for our students. The programme would not have been so successful, and that the Form 4 students would not have had such an eye-opening experience without their generous support. We hope the programme can equip our students to face challenges in their future!

Form 5 Vietnam and Cambodia tour

From 10th to 15th October, our Form 5 students joined a Voluntary and Cultural Exchange Tour to Vietnam and Cambodia where they learnt about the local history and took part in voluntary services.

Three of our classes visited Vietnam. Apart from sightseeing, they also visited a local orphanage. Through this eye-opening excursion to a country that they were unfamiliar with, we believed that they have harvested some knowledge that they could not learn in class. This trip has become an unforgettable experience for our students.

At the same time, the two other classes that went to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia visited the famous Angkor Wat and the historical Killing Field. They also visited a local orphanage and the Angkor High School. By talking to the local students, we believed that our students could learn much from them and together they built a precious friendship.

We hope that our students can treasure the knowledge they learnt from their friends and continue to serve the others.



Inter-house Swimming Gala 2016

This year’s Inter-house Swimming Gala was successfully held at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool on 29th September. Under the pleasant weather, our athletes strove their best in the swimming pool while their schoolmates cheered them on enthusiastically. The event reached a climax when the inter-house relay was held as our students shouted on top of their lungs to support their endeavouring schoolmates. It is an honor for us to have our alumni Ms Doo Hoi Kem, who entered the semi-finals in the table tennis women’s singles in the Rio Olympics 2016, to be our guest of honor this year. Ms Doo shared her experience at the Olympics and how it shaped her with us. It was surely inspiring to our students as we learnt about her changes after the Olympics.

Among all houses, Yunn house flourishingly captured the overall champion with their athletes’ stellar performance while Hau house was crowned champion in the cheering competition with their creative and catchy cheers. Congratulations to the award-winning houses and students!


Installation Ceremony

On 21st September, Heep Yunn School held its annual installation ceremony. Rows of prefects, team captains, music chairpersons and student leaders waited solemnly on the stage to pledge to fulfil their duties to their respective societies, organisations and, most importantly, the school. One after another, they lined up to receive their badges from the Headmistress, and with these badges, they also took on their essential responsibilities as leaders of the student body, to motivate with their passion and to carry on no matter what challenges loom ahead. The last members of the school to take their oaths were those from the Christian Fellowship, who passed on their candle flames while all who were present sang a hymn. This symbolised the continuation of our legacy, as well as the school’s humble servitude to God. Under this new chapter of student leadership, it is hoped that the Heep Yunn family will march on to forge another bright and fruitful year.

2016.9.13 2015-16 Sixth-Formers’ Pursuits (up to 11.9.2016)

Results of HYS sixth-formers have soared to new heights. Among our graduates, 75.16% have been admitted to UGC-funded full-time bachelor's degree programmes offered by the following 8 UGC-funded institutions: City University of Hong Kong (CityU), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Lingnan University (LingnanU), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and The University of Hong Kong (HKU); 54.25% are enrolled in full-time bachelor degree programmes at HKU, CUHK and HKUST.

The 2016 HKDSE examination results have been released. The result of each subject has shown improvements compared with last year. On average, each of our girls obtained 3 Level 5s or above.

The performance of Heep Yunn girls in the 4 core subjects with level 5 or above is as follows.

Percentage of Level 5 or above
Chinese Language
English Language
Mathematics (Compulsory Part)
Liberal Studies

The following table shows the outstanding performance of our candidates in some of the subjects.

Percentage of Level 5 or above
Literature in English

Congratulations to all girls who have obtained satisfactory results. We thank all our F.6 girls as well as teachers for their hard work. We sincerely wish our F.6 girls a bright future.

2016.7.13 2015-2016 Sixth-Formers' Pursuits (up to 13.7.2016)

The 2016 HKDSE examination results have been released. The result of each subject has shown improvements compared with last year. On average, each of our girls obtained 3 Level 5s or above.

The performance of Heep Yunn girls in the 4 core subjects with level 5 or above is as follows.

Percentage of Level 5 or above
Chinese Language
English Language
Mathematics (Compulsory Part)
Liberal Studies

The following table shows the outstanding performance of our candidates in some of the subjects.

Percentage of Level 5 or above
Literature in English

Congratulations to all girls who have obtained satisfactory results. We thank all our F.6 girls as well as teachers for their hard work. We sincerely wish our F.6 girls a bright future.


80th Anniversary Concert - Heartstrings 2016

The Heep Yunn School 80th Anniversary Programmes introduce a series of celebratory events that span 2016. One of the highlights is definitely the 80th Anniversary Concert on the coming Wednesday, 22 June 2016 at the Hong Kong City Hall.

This homecoming event features performances by students from the Secondary, Primary and Kindergarten Sections. The show will begin at 7:30p.m. that night. To mark the commencement of the night, our Symphonic Band and brass players from our primary school will first take the stage with their talents. Choristers and orchestra players will join together to perform Lu Zaiyi’s musical poems Blue Sky, Sun and our Aspiration. The primary school choir will sing and dance while our youngest members from the kindergarten section present a musical drama.

Of course Heep Yunn students never stop pursuing their interests even after they graduate. Miss Colleen Lee, our alumna, will collaborate with younger sisters in the piano quintet. Our Old Girls Choir and Orchestra will also play for the alma mater. May glory and honor be given to God on the night filled with music and peace.

2016.05 80th Anniversary Banquet - Ichthys

The Ichthys not only resembles the profile of a fish, but also bears the spirit of selflessness upheld by Christians. The symbol with a name ending with ‘-hys’ was also the name of the 80th Anniversary Banquet, a celebration of the past achievements of the school, but more so a homecoming event where students, alumnae and staff came together to honour and glorify God.

The Banquet was held at the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre on 19 May 2016. With the overwhelming support from school members and friends, 95 tables were laid out, accommodating more than 1,000 guests. It was a joyful night of reunion as alumnae and ex-staff members gathered again to reminisce about their years at Heep Yunn.

It was also a remarkable night as school members of different generations shared their fond memories of the school, sang the hymns they know by heart, and knew more about the place they all love by listening to speeches by present and past school principals and alumnae.

Collaborating with student musicians, the HYOGA gave wonderful music performances while participants enjoyed their dinner. The guests also surely had great fun taking photos with the replica of the iconic main gate of the school displayed at the entrance of the venue as well as the beautifully designed props on their tables before the night drew to a close.


HKSSF Interschool Athletics Championships

Our dedicated athletes continued our Heep Yunn legend and did a flourishing job on the three days (19th, 23th and 26th February) of competition. While our athletes were striving for excellence on the tracks and field, our cheering team cheered with all their might to support them. This was a scene of teamwork and pride as our cheering team smiled and applauded our athlete’s success. We have victoriously captured 2nd runner-up in A, B and C grades. In the meantime, while celebrating the fruit of our zealous athletes and teachers, we did not forget Mr Lee, our principal who relentlessly backed us and guided us all through the years. To deliver our heartfelt gratitude to him, the Student Association led our cheering team to spread a banner of thanks to him after the award ceremony. The students at the spectator stands sang ‘Today We Are One’ unitedly to express our thanks. It was a cordial moment of delight to convey our gratefulness and see Mr Lee with a touched smile. Here are some of our successes:

  Event Name Award
C Grade 200m Mak Wing Ting 2nd Runner-up
  400m Cheung Ming Ka Champion
  400m Mak Wing Ting 3rd Runner-up
  800m Cheung Ming Ka 2nd Runner-up
  1500m Chan Hiu Yee 3rd Runner-up

Ho Kin Ling, Cheung Ming Ka, Chan Hiu Yee, Mak Wing Ting, Yip Ngo Ching, Liu Ho Yan

1st Runner-up



Lam Tsz Yin, Wong Yuet Ching, Chan Ho Ling, Sze Kai Lok, Ng Yan Tung 3rd Runner-up
B Grade High Jump Cheung Ching Laam Champion
  Javelin Ng Pui Yan Champion
  Discus Lau Fong Ying Champion
  Discus Leung Yuet Yee Jasmine 1st Runner up
  1500m Wong Cheuk Ning 1st Runner-up
  100m Hurdles Yum Ka Wing 2nd Runner-up
  Shot Put Tse Yuen Lam 2nd Runner-up
  Long Jump Yuen Chin Lam 3rd Runner-up
A Grade 200m Kwok Luen Fong 2nd Runner up
  400m Sham Tsz Ching 3rd Runner-up
  1500m Hung Cheuk Yi 1st Runner Up
  High Jump Tam Yuen Ting 1st Runner up
  Shot Put Chan Ho Yi 3rd Runner-up
  4x100m Tam Yuen Ting, Kwok Luen Fong, Chan Wai Huen, Sham Tsz Ching, Chang Cheuk Yi 3rd Runner-up
  4x400m Tang Wing Yan, Leung Wai Ching, Wong Nga Man, Chow Siu Kwan, Wu Ya Yu, Hung Cheuk Yi 3rd Runner-up
Overall C grade   3rd
  B grade   3rd
  A grade   3rd
  Overall   3rd


2016.2 Schools Music Festival Pre-Competition Performances

This year's internal and public pre-competition performances were held on 15th and 18th February respectively in our school hall. We are very honoured to have invited the Treble Choir from Diocesan Boys School as our performing guest. Our choir members had terrific collaborations with the Diocesan Boys School and Wah Yan College, Kowloon separately. Apart from the astounding performances from choir groups, our school orchestra and band also performed wholeheartedly and their hard work paid off . Their genuine effort won rounds of applause from students and teachers. At last, we sincerely wish all our music group members would perform their best in the coming Hong Kong Schools Music Festival! Pieces performed on 15th February:

Chinese Orchestra: 豐年祭

Intermediate Mixed Choir: 黃鶴樓,八駿贊

DBS Treble Choir: Gloria, The Land of Music

Symphonic Band: Hunting Scenes

Senior Choir: Ave Maria, 太陽出來喜洋洋

String Orchestra: Divertimento in B flat, KV 137 (Mozart)

Junior Choir: The Lord is My Shepherd, Ngana

Senior Mixed Choir: They are at Rest, Spanish Sonnets

Orchestra: Sibelius Symphony No.2, first movement

Pieces performed on 18th February:

Chinese Orchestra:豐年祭

Junior Choir:熱帶的地方,採茶

Senior Mixed Choir:銀巴月光下,還魂草

Wind Ensemble: Quintet in B-flat major, Op.56

Madrigal 1: Draw on, Sweet Night

Intermediate Mixed Choir: Cloths of Heaven, Swingin’ with the Saints, 八駿贊

Symphonic Band: Hunting Scenes Madrigal 2: Leggiadre Ninfe

String Orchestra: Divertimento in B flat, KV 137 (Mozart)

Senior Choir:太陽出來喜洋洋,藍天.太陽與追求

Orchestra: Symphony No.2, 1st Movement (Sibelius), Academic Festival Overture (Brahms)


Inter-school B-grade Basketball Competition

On 30th January 2016, our school's Basketball team clinched the championship in the Inter-school B-grade Basketball Competition final against Logos School at Choi Hung Road Sport Centre. Demonstrating team spirit and with the support from our cheering team, our basketball team won the match by 45:13. The title was well-earned: it was through months of intensive trainings that they succeeded in defending the championship. Congratulations to all our basketball team members! We believe that with unfaltering passion and enduring determination, our sports team members will continue to bring back pleasing results!


The 37th Fun Fair – One-of-a-kind

On 17th January 2016, the long-awaited Fun Fair once again welcomed guests and alumni into our beautiful campus. What lies behind this meaningful event is our school's commitment in fostering students’ independence and school spirit. It also raises fund for installing new facilities and renovation at school.

Apart from designing and decorating their own stalls, classes also enlisted generous sponsorships from different companies. Having prepared for a month, we were however met with unfavourable weather. Some stalls that had been set up even collapsed under the heavy rain. At last, the school announced that the Fun Fair was to be held indoors instead. Nevertheless, this did not dampen our mood, and our efforts made this year’s Fun Fair an enjoyable and remarkably memorable one. To applaud students’ endeavours and creativity, 5D and 3C classes were awarded certificates for Best Stall Design.

Despite the gloomy weather, many parents and guests came to support this annual event, and by noon the crowd was as boisterous as past years’. Apart from class stalls, the Old Girls’ Association held games stalls and sold souvenirs on the 5/F of the Jubilee Building, while the stalls of the Student Association were held in the tennis court, selling flowers and souvenirs designed by our students. The café set up at the junior school hall was bustling. The 37th Fun Fair drew to a close in the evening, and we all learnt an important lesson: that unity can turn setbacks into beautiful memories.


Blood Donation

The annual blood donation day, which was organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre, was successfully held on 12th January at the school hall. Despite the chilly weather, the event was met with overwhelming support from our girls. The fact that a single donation can benefit up to 3 or more patients is especially encouraging. This activity has once again reminded us of the importance of serving those in need in the community by putting our school’s motto “In strength and grace we stand united; In faith and love we are committed” into action.


Fruitful Results in Inter-School Sports Competitions (November - December, 2015)

After months of hard work and dedication, our athletes once again shone on the sports fields in numerous inter-school competitions, displaying unity and perseverance. The following achievements underline their sophisticated skills and great determination. The results are as follows

Sport Date Awards
Life-saving 26th November A Grade: Champion B Grade: 1st runner up Overall: 1st runner up
Softball 28th November (Final) Champion
Badminton 28th November (Final) A Grade: Champion B Grade: Champion
Cross-country 30th November A Grade: 3rd runner up B Grade: Champion C Grade: 3rd runner up Overall: 1st runner up
Rugby Sevens 5th December (Final) Cup 3rd



Christmas Music Camp

In order to prepare for the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival to be held in March, the school’s music department organized two music camps during the Christmas Holiday so as to engage our musicians in more practices. Our school choir had a three-day-two-night camp from 27th December to 29th December in the Hong Kong Baptist Assembly. Through a series of intensive practices and entertaining games, not only have the choir members become more united, they also have greater passion and determination to outperform themselves during the upcoming festival. Our school orchestra also conducted a three-day-two-night camp from 29th December to 31th December in the Hong Kong Baptist Assembly. Besides practising earnestly, all members got to know more about each other through various activities which increased their sense of belonging to their music groups. We sincerely hope that all musicians’ efforts will pay off, and they will shine on stage in the music festival and bring back delightful results.


HYOGA Christmas Concert

Having graduated, our alumnae have always kept the school motto “In strength and grace we stand united, in faith and love we are committed” in their hearts. To raise funds for the Heep Yunn School Opportunities Enabling Fund(OEF), as well as bringing love and care through music, the Christmas concert was held at our school hall on 19th December, 2015 by Heep Yunn Old Girls’ Association(HYOGA). The theme of this year’s Christmas concert was “Concordia”. It was the third Christmas concert held by HYOGA since its establishment in 2013. We are honored to have invited Wah Yan College Kowloon Old Boys’ Choir (WYKOBC) and Diocesan School Old Boys’ Association (DSOBA) Choir to join our concert. There were altogether eight performances, including the inaugural performance of our newly formed HYOGA Orchestra, which is a music group gathering musicians who have played in Heep Yunn Orchestra over the years. Although it is still a budding group, its first performance in the concert was astounding. It aims not only to share the joy of music, but also to support the school’s development through fund-raising performances. We would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all our conductors and performers. Also, we would like to thank our old girls for their hard work and perseverance that had made this concert possible and meaningful. We are sure that many students will be benefited from the assistance from the OEF. We wish the HYOGA Orchestra the best of luck, and we hope that our students will continue to cultivate the Heep Yunn legend.


Chinese Debating Team Captures First Runner-Up at Jing Bian Cup

Our Chinese debating team visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Jing Bian Cup, a 6-day debating tournament organized by HELP University College. Sixty-four brilliant teams all across Asia participated in it this year. The motions covered a wide range of international current issues and global moral values.

Our debaters performed outstandingly when faced with capable opponents. After numerous gruelling rounds, our team successfully captured the titles of First Runner-up, Best Progressed Team and Best Cooperation. At the same time, Yip Ning See from 4E won Best Debater in the team round robin, while Man Angel Ka-Yee sweepingly seized Best Debater in the team round robin, quarterfinals, semi-finals and final. She has also attained the Adjudicators’ Commendation Award (individual).

The exceptional results of our debaters at the Jing Bian Cup this year is the best acknowledgement to the huge intellectual effort of our debaters and teachers. We hope they can continue to marvel us with their amazing results in the future and extend their confidence and passion to strive for further wins.

Students representing our school are:

4CMa Chung Ning, Elaine
4DYuen Chu Ki, Zoe
4EKo Nga, Flora;
Tsang Suet Yi, Zoe;
Yip Ning See, Stephanie
5BCheng Tsun Yi, Emily
5DMan Angel Ka-Yee

Results of the Jing Bian Cup 2015:

Champion:Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Girls’ Senior High School
1st Runner-up:Heep Yunn School
2nd Runners-up:Tsun Jin High School (Team B)
Chinese High School(Batu Pahat)


2014-2015 Annual Speech Day

Our school’s Speech Day for the academic year 2014-2015 was held on 25th November in the school hall, marking the achievements and efforts of our graduates. The guest of honour for this significant event was Professor Peter Mathieson, the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong. To start the ceremony, the Revd K.K. Chan led an opening prayer, followed by an opening address by our Chairman of the school council, the Right Revd Dr. Timothy Kwok. Our school principal Mr. Lee then highlighted the outstanding performances of our students over the past year during the presentation of the Principal's Report. After the inspiring address of Professor Peter Mathieson, Dr. Christina Mathieson presented certificates to our graduates, while students who excelled in various aspects were awarded with prizes. A valediction to the school was then given by Claudia Lo, the representative of our graduates this year, and a vote of thanks was given by Anneena Wong, our head prefect. Drawing the ceremony to an end, all participants sang the School Song, followed by the refreshing performance by our school orchestra and choir.


Joint-school Christian Fellowship

Our school has always valued the spiritual growth of our students. To strengthen their bonding with God, a joint-school Christian fellowship programme was held on the 20th November. This event was co-organized with Diocesan Boys' School, SKH Holy Trinity Secondary School and HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School at Holy Trinity Cathedral. There was a sharing session when students introduced their schools’ fellowship programmes to one another. Through the sharing, students were encouraged to look at Christian Fellowship from a new perspective and reflect on their relationship with God, and blessings were invoked in prayers and services.As members of a Christian school, Heep Yunn girls value such chances of introspection, and are often humbly reminded that fellowship is not only important to oneself but also to our loves ones. We hope that more of us would follow God’s guidance and discover the internal satisfaction that can only be found in Christ.


Head Prefect and Second Head Prefect Election

The discipline and well-being of our school are not managed by teachers alone. In fact, there is our strong and reliable prefects’ team, helping to maintain proper behaviour at school. Prefects are not only the enforcers of rules but also a bridge between students and teachers when it comes to school rules and discipline.

This year, on 10th November, the five candidates from 5D and 5E, namely Fong Man Huen Vivian, Lau Cheuk Ting Niki, Leung Juliet, Lo Esther Grace and Ting Chung Yan Chloe, each gave a 5-minute speech on their visions on the prefects’ team and their devotion to serving the school, while passionately persuading fellow students and teachers to vote for the post of the head and second head prefects.

In the end, Lau Cheuk Ting Niki and Ting Chung Yan Chloe won the election with 811 and 889 votes respectively. The elected second head prefects took up their duties immediately. An election among the prefects’ team members was then held and Niki was voted to become the head prefect. Congratulations!

2015.10.31 , 2015.11.7

P6 Briefing

This year, three briefing sessions were held by our school aiming to introduce parents and students who intend to join the Heep Yunn family to our school. During the three rounds of briefing sessions held on 31st November and 7th November respectively, our principal, Mr. Lee, introduced to our guests the holistic education Heep Yunn provides to all students. Parents were also given an overview of the school’s curriculum, vision and mission. While the parents were engaged in the admission talks, visiting primary students had a glimpse into the school life in Heep Yunn by participating in checkpoint games organized by our students. The games were set up at different spots on the campus and covered areas varying from debating to sports and from music to science, which certainly brought laughter to our visitors’ faces! Our sincerest appreciation goes out to all who showed interest in joining Heep Yunn. We are thrilled to see that our school has been gaining recognition and support, as each briefing session attracted more than 1,500 parents and students. For more information about our school, please refer to the School Prospectus.


Inter-School Table Tennis Competition

This year’s A Grade Inter-School Table Tennis competition was held on the 7th November at the Boundary Street Sports Centre. Amid the deafening roars and cheers from our students and encouraged by the guidance of the coach, our school’s table tennis team gave full play to their skills, made an all-out effort and clenched the championship in A Grade. Congratulations to all table tennis team members for achieving such excellent results. We hope that they can keep striving for their best in the upcoming events and continue to bring satisfactory results to the school.


Inter-school Fencing Competition

After months of tough trainings, our school’s fencing team strived their very best in the Inter-school fencing competition and endeavored to amaze us again with outstanding results. In the individual competition held on 1st November, our team members excelled in various events and came back with 4 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals, sweeping all champions in A grade. With the support from our teachers and students, the team competition on 8th November was also successfully held. Their sophisticated skills and determination manifested, we came first in Foil, third in both Epee and Sabre and second in the overall ranking. Congratulations!


Inter-school Swimming competition

Our swimming team shone and sparkled in the Inter-school Swimming competition, which was held at the Kowloon Park swimming pool on 28th October, 2015. Under the brilliant weather, our cheering team cheered and roared as our swimming team dived and paddled towards excellence. We are honoured to announce that we have flourishingly captured the first runner-up in girls’ overall and broke the record in B grade 4x50 m freestyle relay. This result is indeed the fruit of the hard work of our swimmers, our teachers and our enthusiastic cheering team. Swimming team, we are truly proud of you!

2015.10.7-2015.10.11 Exchange Programme to Liannan – From Knowing to Growing

Heep Yunn School always encourages students to broaden their horizons through exploring different learning opportunities. From 7th to 11th October this year, all Form two girls, 25 teachers and 22 student leaders from senior forms (Form 4 and 5) went on an exchange trip to Liannan County, Qingyuan in Guangdong, China. Our girls stayed at Liannan Guo Shui School for three days and conducted mini-teaching on different subjects such as Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, Health Care, Music and Arts. Prior to departure, our girls had consulted teachers for guidance in lesson planning. They enjoyed the fruitful teaching experience and gave their best attempt as they put their knowledge into practice.

Outside of the classroom, they visited farmers and experienced the life of the locals, from which they gained a better understanding about their educational and social status. They reflected on the significant differences between the living environment and education level in Liannan and Hong Kong. We believe the trip has also given them valuable moral lessons.

On the fourth day, our students were divided into two groups and visited two renowned schools in Guangzhou, namely Guangzhou No. 97 Middle School and Guangzhou Nan Wu Middle School respectively. Our girls toured around the spacious and well-equipped schools, joined the local students for lessons and were involved in different activities. They were deeply impressed by the proactive and self-motivated students in Guangzhou. Finally, they competed in a basketball contest with students from Guangzhou No. 97 Middle School and developed long-lasting friendships.

Not only have our students learnt more about the culture and customs of Liannan minorities, they have also developed a deeper understanding about the history, current status and future development of China. Besides, voluntary teaching and visits to local farms have also encouraged students to self-reflect and learn to give instead of take. All in all, our girls have certainly benefited from this memorable and meaningful exchange trip.


Form 4 Work Placement Programme

For many Hong Kong students, having a job is something only to be considered after graduation. Heep Yunn girls think otherwise. Aiming to consolidate students' understanding of the workplace, our school provided 157 Form 4 students with an opportunity to participate in the Work Placement Programme from 6th to 9th October 2015. The students were assigned internships in companies and organizations in different fields, ranging from hospitals, law firms, commercial companies, to schools and non-governmental organizations. During the four-day experience, not only did the students gain exposure to different work fields, they have also acquired valuable skills that equip them for their future career development, such as communication skills in a workplace. Although working in a new environment was considerably challenging for F.4 students, they saw it as an opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues and were proactive in braving the challenges they encountered. Upon the completion of the programme, the school has received appreciation of our students' efforts from a number of companies. We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the 60 companies and organizations for their contributions and support that have made our programme a successful one. We hope that this internship program can really prepare our F4 students for the challenges ahead and help them set clearer life goals.


Form 3 Taiwan study tour

From 5th to 9th October, our Form 3 students joined a five-day cultural study tour to Taiwan where they experienced the local culture and gained valuable insights into environmental protection. The tour was packed with site visits that reinforced what they have learnt during Geography, History and Integrated Humanities lessons. For instance, they visited Bali Refuse Incineration Plant and Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation to learn about environmental conservation works in Taiwan. What they saw at Yehliu Geopark and 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan also deepened their understanding of various geographic landform features as well as causes of earthquakes. Furthermore, they were granted a chance to experience the local culture through the tours to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Shilin Night Market, as well as a visit to two local schools, namely Rih Nan Junior High School and Taichung Municipal Chungming Senior High School. It was a valuable opportunity to foster cultural exchange and meet new friends. Apart from the fun during the trip, students were also inspired to reflect on how effective the environmental conservation in Hong Kong is, when compared to Taiwan. The tour is truly a meaningful experience that students will remember for a lifetime!


Form One Orientation Camp

Our form one girls had a fruitful and rewarding camping experience at the Sai Kung Bradbury Campsite during the first week of October, when the school organised various study tours for different forms. During those four days, the F.1 girls participated in a great variety of exciting activities that train both their confidence and physique, ranging from building rafts and cooking in the wilderness, to completing aerial rope courses and engaging in water balloon fights. All these encouraged them to step out of their comfort zone, go beyond their limits and become more independent. Above all, the girls truly experienced the power of unity through team-building activities at the camp. Amongst high spirits and gleeful cheers, they created wonderful memories and made new friends. We would like to thank all the teachers and coaches who helped foster their growth and became part of the precious memory.


Inter-house Swimming Gala

This year's Inter-house Swimming Gala Finals was held at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool on 2nd October. Under the pleasant weather, participants endeavoured to manifest excellence while all students cheered for them enthusiastically, fully demonstrating sportsmanship and the spirit of unity. We are glad to have invited our alumni to participate in the alumni relay event with our school's swimmers. After rounds of competitions, Yunn House topped the game with 656 marks and Heep House won the cheering competition. Among 769 participants, 7 swimmers broke the school record.The winner were exhilarated and we we're proud to see improvements every year!Here are the 7 swimmers that broke the school record:

50M FreeStyle
(Non Swimming Team)
AFung Hei TingYunn
BLeung Audrey CherryHok
Stephanie YeungHeep
Yip ChingChung
CChan Hiu YeeHau
50M Breast Stroke
(Non Swimming Team)
AFung Hei TingYunn
BHo Kim KaHeep
CLiong Wing LaamYunn
50M Back Stroke
(Non Swimming Team)
BHo Kim KaHeep
Stephanie YeungHeep
CChan Hiu YeeHau
50M Butterfly Stroke
(Non Swimming Team)
BStephanie YeungHeep
Ho Kim KaHeep
200M Medley Swimming
Tsang Jin NuoYunn


Installation Ceremony

The installation ceremony, held on the 17th September, was a significant day for all Heep Yunn students, as it symbolized the genuine commitment and earnest of our outstanding student leaders. On this special day, prefects and student leaders, together with all captains of music and sports teams, received badges which represent their responsibility of guiding and serving our students whole-heartedly from our principal. Members from the Christian Fellowship also lit up candles, embleming the testimony of God as well as students’ determination in passing on our Heep Yunn spirit. To end the ceremony, our head prefect, Anneena Wong from 6D, shared her experience in our school, hoping to encourage us to confront our fears and never stop trying. We believe that we can achieve our goals and overcome the obstacles ahead with unwavering faith in this coming year.


2014-15 Sixth-Formers’ Pursuits (up to 31/8/2015)

The 2015 HKDSE examination results have been released. The result of each subject has shown improvements compared with last year. On average, each of our girls obtained 3 Level 5s or above.

The performance of Heep Yunn girls in the 4 core subjects with level 5 or above is as follows.

Percentage of Level 5 or above
Chinese Language
English Language
Mathematics (Compulsory Part)
Liberal Studies

The following table shows the outstanding performance of our candidates in some of the subjects.

Percentage of Level 5 or above
Mathematics Extended Part (Algebra and Calculus)

Results of HYS sixth-formers have soared to new heights, with 50.3% of students pursuing tertiary education (bachelor degree programs) in HKU, CUHK and HKUST.

Congratulations to all girls who have obtained satisfactory results. We thank all our F.6 girls as well as teachers for their hard work. We sincerely wish our F.6 girls a bright future.


Drama Night- Muse 2015

One of the much-anticipated events of the year, the Drama Night, was held on the night of 11th of September in the school hall, after being postponed last year due to unfavourable weather. The EMI Drama and Drama Group presented two English plays, a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and an original play named Here.After. The executive committee also performed an original Cantonese play named 押.

The modern adaptation of Twelfth Night changes the settings to Hong Kong where Viola lands after the shipwreck. Here.After is a play about two polar opposite designers, Griselda and Ivanna, who cross each other’s path when Griselda offers a job to Ivanna. 押 , a thought provoking play, is about a special pawn shop which doesn’t deal with money; they take the memories of customers who come to mortgage their items in a struggle to get out of the dead-ends in their lives.

The meaningful and well-written scripts, together with the outstanding performance of the actresses and the magic-working crew, successfully captivated audiences’ hearts. It was a pleasant night to both the crew and the audience as the efforts of the EMI Drama and Drama Group was recognized and applauded.


2015-2016 Mentorship Scheme and Buddy Scheme

In a bid to cultivate all-rounded development among students, our school has been implementing both the Mentorship Scheme and Buddy Scheme for three consecutive years. Both programmes enable students to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, nurturing them to become confident individuals who are able to set achievable goals and reflect upon themselves. More importantly, they enhance students’ sense of belonging towards Heep Yunn School through the interactions between buddies, mentors and mentees, and foster a caring community on campus.

Form 1 to 4 students are matched up with teacher-mentors to form groups of 6 to 12 in the Mentorship Scheme. At their first meeting, mentees will set their long and short term goals. They will then reflect on and share the progress towards the goals set at meetings throughout the year, while their mentors will offer them counsel that helps them achieve their goals.

Likewise, in the Buddy Scheme, each buddy selected from Form 3 to Form 5 will be paired up with several Form 1 students.They will hold both formal and informal meetings, which provide a platform for senior form students to help their juniors in Heep Yunn to adapt to the new school environment by sharing their experiences and giving advice, thus promoting a caring and harmonious learning environment in school.

We hope that the schemes will continue to benefit generations of Heep Yunn students.


Day Camp for Senior Citizens

On 11th August 2015, Heep Yunn School and H.K.S.K.H. Lok Man Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre jointly organized a ‘day camp’ for some senior members of our city, aiming to give them an experience of the secondary school life in Hong Kong. The activity is meaningful as most of them had to drop out of school because of economic difficulties when they were young. They had few education opportunities, let alone joining the extra-curricular activities most students can now enjoy. Therefore, our school designed a variety of activities to fill their day with happiness and let them get their hands on something new, including percussion classes, volleyball games and a school tour showing them the facilities in our school. Not only did the amicable old gentlemen and ladies enjoy a day of fun, our students also benefited as it was a valuable opportunity for them to interact with the elderly and know more about what life in Hong Kong was like. They were also motivated to participate in more community services and bring love and warmth to members of other generations!


Summer Study Tour to the United Kingdom

Our school believes that the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in its culture and use it in your daily life. So, two study tours to the United Kingdom were organised in the summer 2015, aiming to polish their English and broaden their horizons.

Four Form 1 to Form 2 students went to London, the United Kingdom with Miss Miranda Yeung on an English study tour from 31st July to 16 th August 2015. On the 17-day trip, students participated in lessons and workshops that polished their language skills. Besides classroom learning, students also deepened their understanding of the country's cultural and historical background by going on excursions to The British Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral and Cambridge, etc. Students immersed themselves in the local culture through different activities such as spending a day in Brighton and watching the musical "Wicked".

Twelve Form 1 to Form 4 students had an unforgettable trip to the University of Cambridge from 2nd to 15th August 2015 with Miss Cathy Chan. During the 2-week stay, not only did the girls enjoyed English and Science lessons taught by expert teachers, they were also inspired by their mentors, who were Oxbridge undergraduates, and their enthusiasm in learning. They went for eye-opening excursions to London and Oxford and enjoyed an afternoon watching Phantom of the Opera. The highlights of the tour were on the last night, when they had a chance to play music instruments at the Trinity College Chapel, showcase what they had learnt, and try haggis and Ceilidh dancing.

We are sure that the girls will never forget the unique experiences as well as the friends they have made.


Inter-school Rugby Sevens competition (C grade)

Our school's Rugby team made a breakthrough in the Inter-school Rugby Sevens competition on 15th May, 2015 at King's Park Sports Ground. Although our school's rugby team was just established this year, they already impressed us with the strong spirits and momentum they displayed by knocking out Queen Elizabeth School Old Students' Association Secondary School and Concordia Lutheran School, clinching the C-grade Champion. Congratulations to the Rugby team members for bringing back a pleasing result!


2015 English Drama Fest

The 2015 English Drama Fest organised by the Association of English Medium Secondary Schools ended with our EMI drama group bringing back great success. Efforts and collaboration paid off with the team grasping the Outstanding Performance Award in both Shakespearean Drama & Modern Drama sessions at the “2015 Drama Fest Prize Presentation & Outstanding Performances” held on 12th May at Tsuen Wan Town Hall. Students participating in this event have indeed mastered a wide variety of performing techniques and combined established practice with innovation across all disciplines. We are pleased to announce that Cheri Cho from 2E and Leanne Li from 3E were awarded as Outstanding Performers. It was also a great way to cultivate students’ imagination and arts horizons. Once again, we would like to give huge thanks to all members who had been working hard for this competition. We hope our EMI drama crew will continue to maintain their flare, delighting and leaving their audience in awe.


Foshan Exchange Tour

Debaters from our school have always been proactive in joining overseas debate competitions. Through exchanging ideas and debating skills , debaters have always gained valuable insights from other debaters. From 7th to 9th May, 7 girls from our school joined a 3-day Foshan debating exchange programme. On the first day of the programme, they had an intense debate competition with Foshanshi Chancheng Shiyan Gaoji Zhong Xue, winning with the result of 3:0. On the second day, they visited Foshan No. 3 Middle School, an ancestral temple in the area, Lingnan Xin Tiandi, and Foshan Shijingyi and Liuziying Couple Cultural Art Museum. The trip has both enriched their debating skills and broadened their horizons.


The 8th Joint School Chinese Writing Competition

In order to arouse students’ interests in writing, our school has organised a series of joint school writing workshops with Cognitio College, Munsang College, Ying Wa College, Lasalle College and St. Francis Xavier’s College since 2007. The workshops, ranging from the Short Stories Writing class to Drama workshop held by renowned writers, have inspired our students to develop analytical skills on reading Chinese literature as well as to create one’s unique style of writing. Our school has been organising the Joint School Chinese Writing Competition for eight years, targeting students who are devoted to writing. The competition is divided into the Senior Section and the Junior Section. Participants could choose to write poems, short stories or flash fiction. The awards ceremony was held on 7th May, 2015 at Munsang College. We are honoured to have invited Mr.Ke Luo and Mr. Zou Wen Lu to share their writing experience. The winners were also granted a chance to introduce their work to the audience. They performed their work by presentation, declamation as well as drama. Not only did they share their insights, but also encouraged other students to have a curious mind of one’s surroundings and be motivated to write. It is without doubt a great opportunity for students to interact with different writing enthusiasts!

Name Class Event Prize
Leung Hiu Tung F.4D Poems (Senior) Champion
Ma Ho Ying F.4D Flash fiction (Senior) Champion
Chan Sabrina Hiu Yui F. 3B Flash fiction (Junior) Champion
Kwok Si Ki F.4D Poems (Senior) 1st runner-up
Chan Yuen Ching F.5A Flash fiction (Senior) 2nd runner-up
Tang Sze Lok Grace F. 3A Short stories (Junior) 2nd runner-up
Yip Wing Lam F. 3A Flash fiction (Junior) 2nd runner-up

2015.3- 2015.4

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2015

The 17th Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum. The competition, under the theme of “From Theory to Practice‧Develop Science Potential”, was divided into Junior Division and Senior Division, which were then subdivided into two subgroups, ‘Invention Projects’ and ‘Investigation Projects’. A total of over 200 teams from different secondary schools participated in the competition, and 19 of them were selected to compete in the finals. Three teams from our school entered the contest. Despite fierce competition, a team of students from our school entered the finals and eventually won the Champion in the Junior Invention Projects Division. The team included Hayli Chiu, Kristy Lam, Erica Poon and Rachel Wong from 3A. Their invention, the ‘Duk Duk Deviation Detector’, was inspired by fencing trainings. They observed that it was rather hard for fencing beginners to aim and strike with the foil at a precise point in order to score marks. They hence came up with the idea of their invention, targeting fencing beginners as its users. They claimed that it was a rewarding and fun experience, and it was certainly a great opportunity for all the participating teams to put the knowledge they had learnt to use. All in all, the hard work and efforts all three teams paid were definitely worthy of praise.


China - Hong Kong Exchange Programmes

We believe that the best way to learn about a place is to see it with our own eyes, so we did not miss the chance to visit Beijing and Shanghai in two exchange programmes in early 2015. Our school joined a Beijing exchange programme with La Salle College, Maryknoll Convent School and High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China from February to April. From 8th to 14th, 18 students from High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China visited the three Hong Kong schools as exchange students. They joined our lessons and experienced the fruitful school life that Hong Kong students enjoy. Outside the classroom, they had a softball match with the local students, enjoyed a day trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, as well as visited the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. They also enjoyed the excitement at the Inter-School Athletics Meet as audience. In return, students from La Salle College, Maryknoll Convent School and 4 form three girls from our school had a chance to visit High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China under three of our teachers’ guidance between 28th March to 3rd April. They enjoyed their stay at hospitable Beijing host families, taking in the culture and lifestyle of a local. They also had lessons with the Beijing students and visited famous tourist spots like the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Summer Palace.

8 students and two teachers had another wonderful experience during their visit to Shanghai Foreign Language School from 28th March to 3rd April. Our girls stayed in the host families for two days to experience the local lifestyle and culture. They also enjoyed lessons and meals with the local students to understand more about the learning environment and style of the city. Visits to museums, the People’s Square, Shanghai Book Mall, and Shanghai Luxun Park also truly inspired our students, and they have understood more about the historically and culturally rich country.


Inspiring experience at the World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking (WIDPSC) competition

Heep Yunn played its part on the global stage over Easter through its participation in the World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking (WIDPSC) competition hosted in Hong Kong. This is the first time this prestigious world ranking event has come to Asia and over the six days of competition, Heep Yunn students played a huge part. During the preliminary rounds at La Salle College, over 100 students were involved in organising the event, from serving as chairpersons and timekeepers in the competition rooms, to ushering competitors and judges, as well as helping to tabulate the final scores. Many of our foreign guests commented on what fine ambassadors for Hong Kong our students were.

Besides organising, two Heep Yunn students from Form 4 - Juliet Leung and Kelly Chan - represented Hong Kong in the competition. Both Juliet and Kelly had qualified to represent Hong Kong in a gruelling trial competition in November to prove they were amongst the best in Hong Kong. In WIDPSC, both of them ended up in the top 60 overall - a remarkable achievement considering their age and level of experience.


Science Week

Congratulations to our science ambassadors for holding our annual science week, which was a great success! This year's science week was held from the 23rd to the 27th of March. Various science-related activities, ranging from the simple eggshell workshop to the breathtaking alchemist magic show, were held every day during the week. Over 130 students from all forms participated in the activities to share the joy of science! By proving to students that what they will learn in the textbooks are not rocket science, we hope that they have been inspired and have become more interested in science.


Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

It was this time of the year again -- our passionate musicians once again took part actively in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, seizing the opportunity to showcase their musical ability through this annual competition. They had prepared for months before the competition, hoping to strive their best on stage. We are pleased to announce that the efforts and collaboration of the music groups have paid off with glorious results. Our Chinese Orchestra and Senior Mixed Choir successfully clinched the Champion in the Intermediate Class and the Senior Mixed Choir Singing in Foreign Language respectively. Huge thanks to the guidance from our teachers, and all the students who had contributed to the success! We hope all music team members will continue developing, nurturing, and assuring their competency in all aspects of the discipline, as well as promoting a higher standard of musicianship.

Chinese Orchestra: Champion

Senior Mixed Choir (Foreign Language): Champion

Symphonic Band: 1st runner-up

Madrigal Team A: 1st runner-up

Senior Choir (Foreign Language): 1st runner-up

Senior Choir (Chinese): 2nd runner-up

Intermediate Mixed Choir (Foreign Language): 2nd runner-up

Intermediate Mixed Choir (Chinese): 2nd runner-up

Junior Choir (Chinese): 2nd runner-up


Pre-Competition Performances

Our musicians always have regular practice, but their schedule seemed to be particularly packed this month as The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival was approaching. Rounds of external and internal pre-competition performances were held in mid-February at our School Hall. This year, we are very honored to have invited Intermediate Choir from Diocesan Boys School as our performing guest. The Mixed Choirs (cooperating with Wah Yan College, Kowloon and Diocesan Boys School) gave a splendid performance. Besides, our school choir and various music groups performed their best on stage, allowing the audiences to enjoy the beautiful, lyrical music melodies during the morning assemblies.

Pieces performed on 16th February:

Junior Choir:小花帽,太陽出來啦

Chinese Orchestra:金色年華

Intermediate Mixed Choir:遺忘,The Sounding Sea

Senior Mixed Choir:Illumina le tenebre, Kalinda

Woodwind Ensemble: Kleine Kammermusik fur funf blaser Op 24 no2: 4th,5th movement

String Orchestra: Divertimento in F, KV 138

Full orchestra: City Trees

Senior Choir: 小放牛,春天來了

Orchestra: Polonaise from Eugene Onegin

Intermediate Choir from Diocesan Boys’ School:兵車行,Bridge over troubled water

Pieces performed on 14th February:

Junior Choir:小花帽,太陽出來啦

Chinese Orchestra:金色年華

Intermediate Mixed Choir :遺忘,The Sounding Sea

Senior Mixed Choir :Illumina le tenebre, Kalinda

String Orchestra: Divertimento in F, KV 138

Symphonic Band: City Trees

Senior Choir: 小放牛,春天來了

Orchestra: Polonaise from Eugene Onegin

Madrigal Team B :II Est Bel Et Bon, Sleep Fleshly Birth

Madrigal Team A: II Est Bel Et Bon, Sweet Honey Sucking Bees


Interschool Athletics Championships (Division 1)

On all three days of the Interschool Athletics Championships (5th, 10th and 13th February), our Athletics Team strived their very best to excel themselves in different events. The competitions drew to a close with Heep Yunn getting the third place and the resonant cheers of students who went to the sportsground to support their schoolmates. This result could not have been achieved solely with any individual’s effort. The Athletics Team and the cheering team once again demonstrated our Heep Yunn spirit of unity, teamwork and determination. We wish all members of the Athletics Team will continue to make good use of their talents each of them has been graced with in the days ahead, with the school motto “In strength and grace we stand united. In love and faith we are committed’ in mind. Athletics Team, we are proud of you!

Girls C Grade

Name Event Position
1B Chan Hiu Yee 1500m 1st
1D Cheung Ming Ka 400m 2nd
  800m 1st
2A Yum Ka Wing 100m Hurdle 4th
2C Lau Fong Ying Discus 1st
2E Cheung Ching Laam High Jump 1st

Girls B Grade

Name Event Position
2A Ng Pui Yan Javelin 3rd
3C Tsui Wing Yu 400m 4th
3E Leung Yuet Yee Jasmine Discus 2nd
4A Chan Ho Yi Venus Shot Put 2nd
4C Tam Yuen Ting High Jump 2nd

Girls A Grade

Name Event Position
5E Chang Cheuk Yi Nicole Long Jump 3rd
5E Koo Man Ying Mandy Shot Put 4th
6B Ng Yee Kwan Nicky Shot Put 3rd
6C Cheung Naau Yau Natasia Discus 3rd


The 36th Fun Fair

18th January marked one of the most anticipated events in the school year - the 36th Fun Fair. What makes this year’s Fun Fair special is that students could decide the themes of their own stalls. In the past two weeks, all classes paid every endeavor to prepare for their stalls, in order to raise money for the school. Students proposed their own class design, setting up their stalls with different materials such as bamboo pole and paper cardboards. Through teamwork, they managed to build stalls with angle bars and stylishly decorate them with paints and pictures. Finally, the awards for “Best Stall Design” for junior form and senior form were given to F.1B and F.5A respectively. Congratulations to these classes! This year, we are honored to have invited our alumna Miss Anita Fung, the current CEO in HSBC, as our guest of honour. Our Fun Fair began with the wonderful performance by the Symphonic Band. Apart from the class game stalls, there were also souvenir stalls at the kindergarten section, Jumbo Sale, Heep Yunn School Old Girls’ Association Stall . Lastly, our students sang “Today we are one” and the School song and the funfair ended with joy.


The Chinese Debating Team continued to create wonders

The Chinese Debating Team, which is subdivided into Cantonese and Putonghua Debating Team, has always been the pride of the school. Since its establishment, the team has continued to create wonders, and this year was no exception. In the past three months (from November 2014 to January 2015), our school’s Chinese Debating Team participated in various competitions, including The 14th Basic Law Debating Competition (Basic Law Cup) organized by the Joint Committee for The Promotion of The Basic Law of Hong Kong. The competition was divided into Cantonese and Putonghua divisions. In the Putonghua division, our team was qualified to enter the grand finale of the competition on 24 January after preliminary rounds and semi-finals. After a round of thrilling and heated debate, our school’s Putonghua Debating Team won the Overall Champion, defending the title for five consecutive years. Man Angel Ka-Yee from F.4D also won the Best Debater award. This is the only Putonghua Debating competition in Hong Kong, and our school has never failed to come in first place in the Putonghua group since the establishment of the competition five years ago. The Cantonese group involves around 160 teams. Since November 2014, our school’s Chinese Debating Team has(had) participated in several preliminary rounds and was qualified to enter the Division Finals in December. We won the first-runner up eventually. Moreover, our school’s Putonghua Debating Team joined the DongWu Cup National Debating Tournament held in Suzhou last summer and came second, in addition to coming third in the Jing Bian Cup competition held in Malaysia in December. Our school’s Chinese Debating Team has undoubtedly paid a great deal of effort and time behind the scenes for them to accomplish such great achievements. From searching for adequate information and data, to developing the team line and drafting, the amount of work and effort paid was clearly demonstrated and worthy of praise. Of course, it was also thanks to the support and encouragement from teachers and the principal. We wish that our school’s Chinese Debating Team can continue to shine while enjoying the fun of debating!


Blood donation day

The annual blood donation day organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre was held in the School Hall on 13th January 2015. The donation procedure included a series of tests to check whether our students were suitable blood donors. The knowledge that their actions would save three to four lives overrode their fear and encouraged them to participate in the donation.This year, 100 students and teachers participated in this meaningful event, demonstrating their altruism and care for the needy.


Christmas music camp

In order to be well prepared for the coming Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, our musicians joined music camps organised by the school’s music department. Our School Orchestra and Symphonic Band organized a two-day camp from 27th to 28th December and from 28th to 29th December respectively. Besides rehearsals and games, all the musicians had hot pot together in our school canteen, enjoying the warmth of Christmas. On the other hand, our School Choir organized a three-day-two-night camp at Hong Kong Baptist Assembly. They enjoyed exciting detective checkpoint games and other mass games which helped them know more about one another. Our music group members have become more united and established stronger camaraderies. We sincerely hope that their effort will pay off, and that they will shine on stage in the music festival.


Christmas Carol Service & Singing Contest

Christmas is an important time for Christians. To celebrate this festive season, our school held the Christmas Carol Service on 23th December, during which we prayed and sang hymns together to give thanks to God for the birth of Jesus. After that, the whole student body enjoyed the final round of the Inter-house Singing Contest organized by the Student Association. There were mainly three sessions: individual, small-group and large-group entries. All contestants had previously passed a preliminary round of auditions. The crowd gave a round of applause after each of their splendid performances. Together with the singing performances from teachers, powerful and outstanding dance shows from current and former Student Association members, and the entertaining musical prepared by our F.6 students, the contest gave an unforgettable memory to all students.


Chinese Debating -- Jing Bian Cup

The Jing Bian Cup competition organised by the Higher Education Learning Philosophy has ended with our debating team bringing back great success. 64 participating teams from all over Asia took part in the competition, held from 12th December to 17th December in Malaysia, which involved knock-out rounds of debates on a variety of controversial motions. Despite facing an extremely competitive pool of national competitors, our debaters performed remarkably well and have managed to chalk up wins over many teams. Once again effort and collaboration paid off with the team gaining glorious results. They shone brightly amongst successive tough rounds and successfully clinched a second runner-up. Equally pleasing were the string of individual achievements gained by Grace Wong of F.5D. Huge thanks to students who had been working hard for this competition! We hope our Chinese debating team members will continue to maintain their flare and competitiveness, and achieve delightful results in the future.

Members representing the school were:

F3A Tsang Suet Yi
F3C Ma Chung Ning, Ko Nga
F4D Samantha Yuen
F5D Tam Man Chi, Grace Wong

Overall Results:

Champion: Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Girls' Senior High School
First runner-up:

Tsun Jin High School (Team B)

Second runner-up: Heep Yunn School



All Hong Kong Inter-School Life Saving Competition

This year's All Hong Kong Inter-School Life Saving Competition was held at Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool on 3rd December, 2014. With the effort of our lifesaving team members, coaches and teachers, we achieved delightful results and set new records in three events. Congratulations!

New records set by our swimmers in the life saving competition:

Records breaker  Class 
100m Manikin Carry with Fins  

Sidney Yue  


B Grade Line Throw  

Lai Nga Man

Kan Tsz Ue  



B Grade 4x25m Manikin Tow Relay  

Leung Chun Wing

Au Ching Tung

Lo Megan

Sam Sidney Yue  





The overall results were:

A Grade: First Runner-up  
B Grade: First Runner-up  
Overall: First Runner-up  



Inter-school Rugby Sevens Competition

Our school's Rugby team scored the bowl champion of the Inter-school AB grade Rugby Sevens Competition on the 29th November at King's Park Sports Ground. Heep Yunn Rugby Team is a newly established team, so it was their first time joining the competition. Every great effort made by the team counts. Congratulations to all Rugby team members! We believe that our Rugby team will keep striving towards their best and bringing back pleasing results in future competitions.


Inter-School Cross-Country Competition

The Inter-School Cross-country Competition was successfully held at the Hong Kong Golf Club (Fanling) on 24th November. Through months of intensive trainings, our school team members strived their best and brought back satisfying results. We secured the 3rd place in A grade, 2nd in B grade and 5th in C grade, and came 4th in the overall ranking. We would like to express our appreciation to Chan Hiu Yi of Form 1B, Tsang Jin Nuo of Form 3B and Hong Cherk Yi of Form 5B for clinching the 1st, 8th and 4th in C grade, B Grade and A Grade respectively. With unfaltering passion and enduring determination, we believe that our students can continue to strive towards the pinnacle of excellence in the upcoming competitions.


2013-2014 Annual Speech Day

The Speech Day for our 2013-2014 graduates was held on 20th November in our school hall. This year, we were very honored to have invited the President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor Tony F Chan, as our guest of honor. The ceremony started with an opening prayer led by our school supervisor, the Very Rev. Dr. H.C. Chan, followed by an opening address by our Chairman of the school council, The Most Rev. Dr. Paul Kwong. Then, our school principal Mr. Lee presented the Principal’s Report, expressing his appreciation towards the students’ achievements in the past year. After that, Professor Tony F Chan addressed to our students as well, encouraging our students to keep working hard in the coming years.As the ceremony continues, Professor Chan presented certificates to our graduates, as well as prizes to our students who had performed well in terms of academic results and extra-curricular activities. Sally Chan, the representative of our graduates this year, gave a valediction to the school. Claudia Lo, our Head Prefect, proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the student body. Lastly, all of the attendees ended the ceremony by singing the School Song, followed by wonderful performances by our senior choir and orchestra.


Mentorship Scheme

The Mentorship Scheme aims to foster all-rounded development of students through goal settings. It helps students identify their own strengths and weaknesses by nurturing them into leaders who will have reflection from time to time. Most importantly, it enhances a stronger sense of belonging in students towards Heep Yunn School through the interaction between mentors and mentees. Not only does it strengthen the relationship between teachers and students, it also promotes and fosters a more harmonious learning environment.Currently, students from form one to three and around 90 teachers are involved in the scheme. They have already had their first meeting and different goals were set. In the coming January/February, one more meeting will be held for mentees to reflect their progress on the short-term goals they have set at the beginning of the year. Moreover, a third meeting will be held at the end of the school year for reflection of the long-term goals.We hope that the scheme will continue to progress smoothly for the rest of the year.


Joint-school Christian Fellowship- ‘Why don’t we ask why?’

To empower students to witness their faith, as well as help them along the way to spiritual reflection and discovering that profound, eternal satisfaction that can only be found in Christ, a joint-school Christian fellowship programme was held on 14th November. This event was co-organised with Diocesan Boys' School, SKH Holy Trinity Secondary School and HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The theme of the day was ‘Why don’t we ask why?’. God’s blessings was invoked through a sharing session among students with music, services and prayer. There were also group discussions to help the students develop stronger bonds with Christ. We hope that more of us would humbly follow God’s guidance and practise His teaching on love and support in our daily lives.


Munsang College Exchange Programme

Our school has always put emphasis on learning new things and broadening our horizons by stepping outside the classroom. From 12th to 14th November, fifteen form 4-5 students participated in a 3-day exchange programme with Munsang College. Not only did our students enjoy the opportunity to experience a different school culture through having lessons and interacting with friendly Munsang students, they also had great fun in joining various activities like the Mini Cultural Fair. The exchange students have benefited a great deal through this event, and they expressed that they would definitely support similar activities in the future.


The Election of Second Head Prefects and Head Prefect

In order to maintain the well-being of the school, we have a strong team of prefects who act as role-models for their fellow schoolmates and maintain discipline in the campus. Every year, two second head prefects are elected by all teachers and students from form two to form five as student leaders to guide the school in that academic year. This year, six candidates from 5D ran for the election. They were Candy Lam, Celine Law, Kirsten Leung, Jasmine Luk, Punavanichsiri Sarah and Anneena Wong. During the assembly on 17th October, each candidate tried to win the votes and trust from their teachers, the prefect team and schoolmates by giving a 5-minute speech on their visions, ways to improve the prefect team and the school as a whole, as well as their passion and eagerness to serve the school. Finally, Sarah, with 754 votes, and Anneena, with 767 votes, were elected as the second head prefects.The two new second head prefects took up their duties as soon as the results were out. Three weeks after the second head prefects election, on 11th November, the election of the new head prefect was held. Prefects had to vote for one of the two new second head prefects after listening to their speeches. Anneena Wong from 5D has become the head prefect for the school year 2014-15. Congratulations!


2015-2016 P6 briefing

Every year, parents who are interested in knowing about Heep Yunn and students who intend to join us in the next academic school year are invited to our P.6 briefing sessions. This year, 3 rounds of briefing sessions were held on 26th October and 8th November respectively, attracting more than 400 students and 800 parents per session. During the briefing sessions, our headmaster, Mr. Lee, vice and assistant principals conducted talks and Q&A sessions to give parents a view of our school’s curriculum, vision and mission, as well as the management structure and learning environment. While parents were having talks in the school hall, we made sure the P.6 students were enjoying themselves while getting to know our school. They were divided into small groups and led to different spots in the campus by our student ambassadors. Different checkpoints were prepared by the ambassadors and different school teams, such as the Music department, Chinese debating team, and sports teams such as Basketball team, Volleyball team, Fencing team and our newly-established Rugby team. P.6 students had great fun playing mini games at different checkpoints. Moreover, the Home Economics club prepared snacks for them, which certainly brought smiles on their faces.After the briefing sessions, parents and students were then led by our student ambassadors for a school campus tour, and that drew the day to a close with fun and laughter.


2014-2015 Inter-house Athletics Meet

Our annual Inter-house Athletics Meet was successfully held at Wan Chai Sports Ground on 27th October and 3rd November. We were very honoured to have Ms Becky Mak, our former Athletics Team Captain, to be our guest of honour. We learnt more about the history of our school’s Athletics team through her sharing. With the heartening ovations from the spectators, especially our form one cheering teams, participants strived for their best in different track and field events. With their efforts, our students again attained a splendid array of breakthroughs. In particular, Ng Pui Yan of 2A and Cheung Ching Lam of 2E broke the school record in C grade javelin and C grade high jump respectively. Congratulations! To make this day more fun and remarkable, ground-breaking changes were also made in certain events, including the exhilarating relay taken part by teachers, alumni and house captains, as well as the three legged race added in the inter-team relays. The champion of the inter-house cheering competition and the overall champion were awarded to Hau House and Yunn House respectively for their participation and copious efforts. Once again, congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding achievements!


Striving toward excellence -- Inter-School Swimming Competition

Our school achieved outstanding results in the 2014-2015 Inter-School Swimming Competition Finals held in Kowloon Park on 24th October. With the support of our cheering team, our swimmers won eight gold medals in individual events and finally secured the place of 1st runner-up in all A, B, C grades as well as for the overall result. Besides, we are happy to announce that Esther To Long Yan of 6C and Tsang Tsz Kiu of 5A set a new record in 200-metre breaststroke and 50-metre and 100-metre freestyle respectively. Congratulations to all winners!This year’s remarkable results are not achieved without efforts. Every endeavor made by our swimming team and the guidance from our teachers count. We hope that with unity and perseverance, our students will continue to bring back pleasing results in the coming Inter-School Lifesaving Competition.


Foundation Day – Heep Yunn School 78th Anniversary

To celebrate the 78th anniversary of Heep Yunn School and honour God’s guidance to our school since it was established in 1936, the Foundation Day ceremony was held on 23rd October, 2014. During the ceremony, teachers and students sang hymns together, prayed and thanked God for the rich inheritance we enjoy in Heep Yunn. We also enjoyed a wonderful performance from our school choir. We were honoured to have our alumnus, Ms. Anita Fung, who is currently working as Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Hong Kong, to share her unforgettable moments back when she was studying in Heep Yunn School. Her sharing has given our girls a better understanding on the history of our school. In her speech, she also shared her thoughts on career success, with curiosity, mobility, honesty and passion being the four major elements. After the ceremony, students enjoyed a series of celebration activities organised by the student association, including exciting checkpoint games. We drew the celebration to a close with fun and laughter. We hope all Heep Yunn girls would continue to shine bright in the future, with the school motto ‘In strength and grace we stand united, in faith and love we are committed’ in mind. May we extend the legacy of the school and inherit the Heep Yunn spirit through the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord. Happy Birthday to Heep Yunn!


Evangelical Week

Our school organizes an Evangelical Week every year in order to let students know more about Christianity and guide us to reflect on our relationship with God. This year’s Evangelical Week was held from 13th to 17th October on the theme “The Missing Puzzle”. We are honoured to have invited Mr. Charles Yu and two alumni, Ms. Amina Ma and Ms. Fanny Ko, to be the guest speakers for the two evangelical meetings. By sharing their life experiences, our guests showed us how God led us through adversities in life. Mr. Yu also shared inspiring gospel reading, reminding students to value our relationship with God instead of evading the message from God. Moreover, during lunchtime on 17th October, members of the Christian fellowship sang hymns at different spots in the school campus, spreading the message and the grace of God. All the students enjoyed themselves in the music and the activity ended in joy. Throughout the evangelical week, students gathered together to sing and pray. They were eager to learn about Christianity and the sacrificial love of God. May the Lord be with you!


Form Two Exchange Programme to Liannan

Heep Yunn School often encourages our girls to widen their horizons through different learning opportunities and experiences. From 7th to 11th October this year, all the form two students visited Liannan in Guangdong, along with 24 teachers and 20 student leaders from form 4 and form 5. Liannan Wo Shui School was their first destination in the exchange programme. Our girls stayed there for three days and conducted fun and interactive lessons with the local elementary students on different subjects, like Chinese, Mathematics, Science and Health Care. Several weeks before the tour started, the students had asked for advice from teachers and planned their teaching for the visit. After a series of trainings with the teachers, students were well-prepared to bring love and knowledge into the classrooms.
Students also toured around the famous spot Yao Village and participated in the local Yao dance. In addition, they visited a number of local farmers, from whom they gained a better understanding of Liannan’s education system and its social status. Despite the cultural and age difference between our girls and local Liannan students, they have developed mutual feelings of trust and friendship.
After leaving Liannan, students were divided into three groups. They visited three different schools, which were Zhongshan Cao Bu Secondary School, Zhongshan Ban Fu Secondary School and Zhongshan Ya Ju Le Kai Yin Secondary School respectively. The girls joined the local students’ classes and participated in different activities. They realised that the learning syllabus there was more difficult than in Hong Kong. The three schools that they visited are spacious and well-equipped with great teachers and self-motivated students. Through interactions, they learnt more about their living environment and education development.
All in all, our students have benefited a lot from this 5-day exchange programme. Not only have they developed a deeper understanding of the history, current status and future development of China, they have also learnt more about the culture and customs of Liannan locals, which have undoubtedly motivated our girls to introspect and learn to give instead of take.


Form Three Singapore Study Tour

Our school has always believed in providing learning opportunities outside the classroom to every student. After their fruitful Liannan educational tour in the year 2013-14, all Form 3 students joined a four-day cultural study tour to Singapore from 6th to 9th October 2014. They visited a variety of museums, nature reserves and parks in order to understand more about the diverse culture in this international city, its town planning and future directions in environmental conservation. For example, they visited Marina Barrage to know more about the urban planning. Also, they visited Singapore zoo and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve so as to find out how environmental protection could be incorporated in the city. Besides, students had a chance to take photos with the world-famous Merlion, and take a bus tour in Little India where many unique foreign shops are located. They also paid a visit to the Singapore Underwater World in Sentosa where they enjoyed an afternoon learning about arine animals from all over the world. The students expressed that this study tour had been very meaningful, as not only did they feel the unique blend of culture in the city, they were also inspired to reflect on Hong Kong’s city planning and conservation. In conclusion, everyone has benefited a lot and broadened their horizons. What a valuable learning experience this has been!


Form One Orientation Camp

In a bid to help our new form 1 students connect with their fellow classmates and better adapt to their new school life in Heep Yunn School, all form 1 students were split into two groups and joined an orientation camp held from 5th to 8th October and 8th to 11th October respectively. The 4-day camp at BGCA Bradbury camp in Sai Kung provided a chance for students to explore, learn, and develop their leadership skills as well as learning the fundamentals of cooperation and teamwork. As a bonus, not only did our new students make new friends, they were also trained to be tough and resilient when they come to grips with difficulties. Overall, the program was definitely a memorable one for our students, which have also left cherishable memories that motivated them to strive hard to overcome the challenges ahead. We hope that the form 1 girls would enjoy the 6 years ahead in Heep Yunn School!


Installation Ceremony

Our annual installation ceremony, which is a special day for all our prefects and student leaders to pledge their hard work, passion and commitment to the school and their respective clubs, was held on 24th September this year. On this remarkable day, all sports and music team captains, student leaders and prefects received the badges from our principal, as a recognition of their wholehearted devotion to leading and serving the junior students. They vowed to take on challenges they are going to face, both in academics and extra-curricular activities, and to keep passing on the Heep Yunn legend. We work as a whole family, striving for our goals together, as what our head prefect, Claudia Lo from 6D, told the class on stage, ‘let our coherence stands and let the light of the Heep Yunn spirit shines.’

2014.09.19 Inter-house Swimming Gala

This year's Inter-house Swimming Gala (Finals) was held smoothly in Kwun Tong Swimming Pool on 19th September. We were very honoured to have invited our alumni, Ms. Wendy Kung and Ms. Haywood Yip, as the guests of honor, showing their support and encouragement to our swimmers. Swimmers from different grades and classes showed great enthusiasm in the water. Our alumni were also invited to join the alumni relay event with our swimming team members. Moreover, with the hard work of the swimmers, two new records were made. Tsang Jin Nuo Joan from Yunn house and Tsang Hoi Lan from Chung house made a new record in the events 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke respectively. They were not the only ones who were engaged in the competition, though. The cheering teams also demonstrated to us their passion and creativity in the cheering performances. This year's cheering champion and overall champion both went to Hau House. Congratulations!

2014.08.01 The Chinese Debating Team: “The Eighth Joint Primary School Invitational Debate Competition”, “The First Symposium on Debate Education in Hong Kong” and “The First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Putonghua Debate Invitational Competition”

To mark the tenth anniversary of the new Chinese Debating Team of Heep Yunn School, the team hosted a series of large events in hope to promote critical thinking and stimulate students’ interests towards debate.

On 12th July, the team hosted the final of “The Eighth Joint Primary School Invitational Debate Competition”. The motion of the debate was “This house believes that early achievements of children do more harm than good on their development” and St. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School won the Champion. In hope to allow more primary students to participate in the activities, the scale of the competition was further expanded this year. Apart from the competition, we also hosted the opening ceremony of “The First Training Programme for Brilliant Budding Speakers” on that day. The programme was held from 21st to 26th July. Experienced debaters of Heep Yunn School were guiding more than 40 primary students and introduced them to the arts of debate and public speaking throughout the programme.

The Chinese Debating Team does not only give brilliant speeches in competitions, we also actively promote debate education in Hong Kong. On 13th July, we hosted “The First Symposium on Debate Education in Hong Kong”. Experienced coaches of debating team in Hong Kong made good use of this platform to share their experiences in training young debaters, adjudicating in competitions and incorporating debate in regular school curriculum. There were also fruitful discussions on debate cultures across different regions in Asia.

Indeed, the Chinese Debating Team encourages exchanges not only within Hong Kong, but also across different parts in China. From 17th to 18th July, the team hosted “The First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Putonghua Debate Invitational Competition”, with debating teams from Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau participated in the event. Heep Yunn School won all the three matches by scoring 3:0 in each match and won the Champion. Grace Wong Fan Ying of our team was named the Best Debater in the final.

The Chinese Debating Team has made remarkable achievements in the past years. With the efforts of our coaches, teachers and debaters, the legend of the team shall be passed on.

2014.07.15 2014 HKDSE examination results

The 2014 HKDSE examination results have been released. 88.8% of Heep Yunn Girls have obtained ‘33222’, which are the general entrance requirements for local undergraduate university programmes.

The general performance of Heep Yunn girls in the 4 core subjects is as follows

Chinese language: 88.8% of our candidates attain Level 3 or above
English language: 99.4% of our candidates attain Level 3 or above
Mathematics (Core): 97.6% of our candidates attain Level 2 or above
Liberal Studies: 99.4% of our candidates attain Level 2 or above

We are pleased to anounce that Chan Wing In has obtained 5** in 8 subjects including Mathematics Extended Module 2.
Congratulations to her of being one of the top students in Hong Kong
Apart from this, 1 of our girls has obtained 5** in 5 subjects (excluding M1 / M2), 2 of them have obtained 5** in 4 subjects (excluding M1 / M2)
while 7 of them have obtained 5** in 3 subjects (excluding M1 / M2).
Name of Student
No. of 5** attained (excluding M1 / M2)
Chan Wing In
Chan Man Sum Sally
Ku Yan
Lau Hoi Ki
Cheng Hoi Ming
Chu Ming Yan
Chung Yuet Yee
Fu Yin Tung
Leung Wai Chung
Tse Sing Wing
Wong Michelle Chui Yee

Congratulations to all girls who have obtained satisfactory results. We thank all our F.6 girls as well as teachers for their efforts. We sincerely wish that all our form six graduates will continue to endeavour in their future.