Heartstrings 2017

Music has always played an indispensable role in Heep Yunn and our school has nurtured countless talented musicians. As the school year draws to an end, an annual concert, Heartstrings was held on 5th July at Ko Shan Theatre.

The concert was packed with remarkable performances from various music groups. Apart from the stunning performances of the Chinese Orchestra, Choir groups, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra and Orchestra, our musicians prepared unique performances for this special occasion. The Chinese Instrumental Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, String Quartet and Acapella in collaboration with Wah Yan College Kowloon all performed immaculately and imbued the theatre with the joy of music. Throughout the night, audience indulged in the elegance of classical music as well as the refreshing modern pieces such as the Disney Medley performed by the Acapella-Les Bogues. Since all Heep Yunn girls are fond of music regardless of their age, the Old Girls’ Association Choir also went on the stage. One of the highlights of the night would be the Superman Suite performed by the Symphonic Band, which was dedicated to our endearing Vice Principal Mr. Tang. Hoping to pay a public tribute to Mr Tang, an avid fan of superheroes, our students chose this piece to express our gratitude and bid farewell to him.

All in all, Heartstrings was a huge success thanks to the immense effort of all students and  teachers. We hope that Heep Yunn musicians will continue to shine and excel in the coming year!


Text by: Sophie Yip (4E)