Inter-School Swimming Gala

This year’s Inter-school Swimming Competition was held on the 19th and 26th of October. Having painstakingly plugged away towards their goal, our swimmers finally reaped the fruits of their efforts. During the competition, with the massive support from all our teachers and students, our swimmers strived for their best and had brought back impressive results. We were the first runners-up for A, B, C grades. In C grade, Lee Yan Hei broke the record for 50m freestyle; our swimmers also broke the record for 4x50m freestyle relay. Overall, we were the first runner-up.

In the preliminary round, despite the fact that some of our swimmers were unfortunately disqualified, the Swimming Team was not discouraged. With faith and unity, our swimmers quickly recovered from this minor setback and continued to do their very best in the finals. The splendid results for this year clearly showed that all their hard work over the past few months, or even the past few years, paid off.

Lastly, we have to say with all our hearts: Heep Yunn swimmers, we are all proud of you!


Text by: Bella Wong (5D)