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The school is operated and managed by the Council of Heep Yunn School, which is also the sponsoring body of the primary and kindergarten sections. It determines the school policy and major decisions of the school administration. The internal management is headed by the School-based Administration Committee.

Chaired by the Headmaster, staff opinions and suggestions voiced at general staff meetings or departmental meetings are considered, discussed and fine-tuned at the regular meetings before they are recommended to the School Council for endorsement.

Once endorsed, the School-based Administration Committee is responsible for executing such decisions with the assistance of the heads of departments and functional committees.

School Management Committee (2016-2017)

The Right Rev. Dr. Timothy Kwok Chairman
Dr. Allan Yuen School Supervisor
Mr. Iain Bruce Hon. Treasurer
Miss Bella Leung Hon. Secretary
Mrs. Yvonne Ip
Mr. Roland Chow
Dr. Cheng Frank Chi Yan
Mrs. Betty Cheng
Mr. Michael Leung
Miss Fion Lee  Alumni Manager
Mrs. Linda Fung
Dr. Edwin Chan
Dr. Arnold Cheng
Mr. Herman Tsoi
The Revd Chan Kwok Keung
Dr. K. C. Wong  Independent Manager
Miss Fanny Lam  Teacher Manager
Dr. Cloey Chan

Teachers and staff

Principal: MISS B. LEUNG
Assistant Principals : Miss Y.F. Lam (Academic Affairs) Miss S. Yip (Academic Affairs) Miss A. Choi (School Administration) Miss V. Chow (School Administration) Mr. T.K. Tong (Student Affairs) Miss I. Yeung (Student Affairs)

Class Form Teacher Deputy Form Teacher

Form 6A
Form 5A
Form 4A
Form 3A
Form 2A
Form 1A

Mr. T.H. Man
Miss W.M. Hui
Miss P.Y. Chan
Miss C.Y. Cheung
Miss G. Fung
Mr. P.H. Lee
Mr. C.Y. Lau
Miss M.F. Cheng
Miss Y.Y. Dai
Miss Y.C. Hui
Miss S.H. Tsang
Mr. K.W. Lai
Miss S.L. Lee
Mr. L.K. Wong
Miss W.P. Leung
Miss N.Y. Leung
Miss J. Kwok
Mr. H.W. Lau
Mr. C.H. Yuen
Miss N. Lai
Miss S.Y. Ku
Miss S. Bi
Miss W.K. Lam
Miss A. Tsoi
Miss V. Lai
Miss K. Chu
Miss W.C. Chu
Miss H.Y. Lam
Miss C.Y. Chow
Miss M.H. Cheung
Miss T. Shum
Mr. W.K. Lam
Miss T.W. To
Miss L. Lau
Mr. K.W. Wong
Miss J. Yu
Miss W.W. Tsang
Miss G. Wong
Mr. T.W. Kok
Mr. F. Sit
Mr. Y.H. Kueh
Miss Y.H. Ting
Miss. L. Ting
Miss T. Wu
Miss M. Lum
Mr. K. Wu
Mr. C. Wong
Miss W.Y. Mo
Miss Y.C. Yiu
Mr. C.K. Lo
Miss V. Yau
Mr. W.C. Cheung
Mr. Y.H. San
Mr. C.K. Wong
Mr. T.T. To
Miss C. Lai
Miss L.S. Leung
Miss Y. Ng
Miss A. Leung
Miss C. So
Mr. L.K. Chan
Mr. Y.Y. Chan
Miss W.S. Cheng
Miss C. Cheung
Miss Y.Y. Chick
Miss A. Choi
Mr. S. Choi
Miss J. Chow
Miss V. Chow
Miss P.S. Fong
Miss S.Y. Fong
Mr. K.L. Ho
Miss C.W. Kong
Mr. M.W. Kwok
Mr. K. Lam
Miss Y.F. Lam
Mr. K.L. Lee
Miss O.K. Lee
Miss M.L. Leung
Miss M.Y. Leung
Miss J. Li
Miss Y.H. Liu
Miss W.S. Mok
Miss Q. So
Mr. C.N. Tang
Mr. K.Y. Tang
Mr. T.K. Tong
Miss K.L. Tsang
Miss Y. Tse
Miss H.H. Tsoi
Mr. K.H. Wong
Mr. W.K. Wong
Mr. Y.C. Woo
Miss I. Yeung
Miss S. Yip
Miss L. S. Yiu
Miss D. Yum

Chief Finance Officer: Miss C. Lam Administrative Officer: Miss H.W. Wong Public Relation Officer: Mr. K.L. Ho Fund Raising Officer: Miss C. Cheung Life Planning Education Officer: Miss Y. Y. Ko Teaching Assistants: Miss K. M. Chan                                      Miss S. T. Ho
Mr. W. K. Wong
Miss L.S. YiuSchool Office
School Secretary: Miss H. Chan Administrative Assistant: Miss L. Fan Assistant Clerical Officers: Miss D. Wu                                               Miss S. Ng
Accounting Clerk: Miss W.C. Wong Clerical
Assistants: Miss E. Sit
Miss M. Tsang
Miss K. Yip


Laboratory Technicians
Biology: Miss F.F. Lai
Chemistry: Mr. K.W. Tong
Integrated Science: Mr. K.W. Tong
Mr. W.F. Yu
Physics: Mr. W.F. YuLibrary Teacher
Librarian: Miss H.H. Tsoi
Library & Clerical Assistant: Miss M. Tsang

Information Technology
IT Coordinator: Mr. K.K. Chan
IT Technician: Mr. Y. K. Lok