Primary 6 Briefing

On the 27th of October, our school organized the annual Primary 6 Briefing for primary school students and their parents to have a better understanding of our school by visiting our campus. Three sessions were held throughout the day, welcoming around 4,000 parents and students to attend the admission talk and to engage themselves in the checkpoint games respectively.

Parents were given an overview of the school’s curriculum, vision and mission. While the parents were engaged in the admission talk held in the School Hall, our student ambassadors and representatives from different teams and departments played their parts  by helping primary students to have a glimpse into the school life in Heep Yunn through a wide variety of checkpoint games.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to all the teachers and student helpers helping out on that day to ensure that all the sessions would run smoothly. They showed their enthusiasm in contributing to the school as they worked together passing on the team spirit of Heep Yunn through the well-coordinated sessions that engaged the P.6 students and their parents.


Texted by: Natalie Shiu (4D)