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Heep Yunn has a strong Christian atmosphere. Over 600 students and 30% of our staff are Christians.

The Christian Activities Committee(CAC) has been established with the aims to promote Christian faith and values, provide spiritual support and pastoral care for the school, organize religious activities for the teachers and the students, conduct prayer meetings for school affairs and the needy, and organize services at Christian festivals or for important occasions.

To promote Christian faith and values among the students, the Christian Fellowship, which is the student-run religious group in Heep Yunn, has also been formed.

Christian Activities Committee 2016-2017

Advisers: The Ven. Mark Tang Hing Lin
The Revd Chan Kwok Keung
Miss B. Leung
Chairman: Mr. S. Choi
Committee Members: Miss M.H. Cheung
Miss G. Fung
Miss J. Kwok
Miss M.Y. Leung
Mr. T.T. To
Miss I. Yeung
Pastoral Care Adviser: Miss Florence Jee

The school shows strong support to the committee as the Supervisor and the Headmistress not only act in the advisory capacity but participate actively in meetings and activities. A minister is sent by the Holy Trinity Church to help with pastoral care in our school.

CAC activities
1 Advisers to the Christian Fellowship
2 Prayer Meetings:

  • Daily Prayer Meetings for students (Sep to July)
  • Prayer Meeting for AL and HKCEE students (July and Aug)
  • Prayer Meetings for staff (Wed)
  • Special Prayer Meetings for the needy members and special events of the school
3 Bible Study Group (led by teachers) / Cell Group (led by senior students) (Oct to May)
  • Evangelical Week (Mar)
  • Different spiritual enrichment programmes were heldincluding video show, song dedication, hymn-singing, competitions and testimonies.
  • Two-days’ evangelical meetings and four different programmes were designed for F.1 and F.2-6 respectively.
5 Services:

  • Eucharist for staff and school (Aug)
  • Easter Service (Apr)
  • Special Services e.g. Foundation Day (Oct)
6 Summer Retreat Camp (July)
  • Joint School Evangelical Activities (Sep to July)
  • Joint School Fellowship (Nov / Mar)
  • New believers Gathering (March)
  • F.5 Graduation Camp (May / June)

Christian Fellowship 2016-2017

Teacher-in-charge: Miss G. Fung
Teachers Advisers: Miss M.H. Cheung
Mr. S. Choi
Miss J. Kwok
Miss M.Y. Leung
Miss L.S. Leung

The committee of Christian Fellowship has over 20 members and under the guidance of the teachers-in-charge and advisers, the group is responsible for organizing numerous religious activities for the school during the school year on a regular basis.

Activities of Christian Fellowship
1 Committee Members Nomination (June)
2 Potential Committee Members’ Vision and Sharing Session (July)
3 Committee Members’ training (Aug)
4 Installation Ceremony (Late September)
5 Annual Christian Gathering (Oct)
6 Weekly Programs (Sep to July)
7 Christian Fellowship Committee Retreat Camp (Dec)
8 Spiritual Counselors’ Recruitment and Training (Nov-Jan)
9 New believers’ nurturing programme (Feb to Apr)
10 Members Retreat Camp (Apr or during Easter)
11 Monday Bible School (Monday: lunch time)
12 Special Luncheon Meeting (Apr)
13 Gospel Ambassadors’ Training (May)
14 Joint-School Fellowship (Twice a year)