The 71st Hong Kong Schools’ Music Festival

To Heep Yunn musicians, March is always a hectic month. With extra rehearsals on top of regular practice sessions, they have more than doubled their effort in order to put before their best foot in the 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. With all the events over and done, we are glad to report that many of our musicians have achieved excellent results this year.

We would like to heartily congratulate all our music groups on their triumphs, especially the Senior Choir, which, for the second consecutive year, won the Best Girls’ Choir of the year and the Most Outstanding Secondary School Choir of the year. Furthermore, our Clarinet Ensemble and Woodwind Ensemble both brought home the champion titles in their respective competitions. It is more than thrilling to learn that their hard work finally paid off, thanks not only to their sustained effort, but also the professional guidance of conductors and instructors alike.

Something that Heep Yunn musicians say a lot as an encouragement to fellow musicians is, ‘Shine on stage’. We are confident that each and every musician who participated in the Music Festival has accomplished that ultimate goal. We sincerely hope that their great passion for music lives on within them and that they will continue to shine.


Text by: Giann Yeung (4E)


Music group Class Award
Chinese Orchestra Chinese Orchestra - Secondary Schools - Intermediate Merit
Clarinet Ensemble Woodwind Ensemble – Junior (Same Instrument) 1st with 91 marks
Intermediate Mixed Choir Singing in Chinese 2nd with 93 marks
Junior Choir Singing in a foreign language 2nd with 91 marks
Singing in Chinese Honour
Orchestra Symphony Orchestra – Secondary Schools – Intermediate Merit
Symphonic Band Concert Band – Secondary Schools – Intermediate 3rd with 88 marks
Senior Choir Singing in a foreign language 2nd with 92 marks
Singing in Chinese 1st with 96 marks
Senior Mixed Choir Singing in Chinese 3rd with 94 marks
Singing in a foreign language 2nd with 92 marks
String Orchestra String Orchestra – Secondary School – Intermediate 3rd with 86 marks
Woodwind ensemble Woodwind Ensemble – Junior (Combination of Different Instruments) 1st with 93 marks