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Heep Yunn School offers students a lot of opportunities to develop their own interests and realize their potential outside formal school syllabus.  The guiding principles for providing co-curricular activities are to:

  • provide students with an all-round education
  • promote education for life
  • cultivate internationalism and respect for other cultures
  • adapt to the local environment and allow students to maintain a strong sense of cultural identity

Currently, Heep Yunn has over 60 co-curricular programmes organized by the departments (as an extension to the curriculum) and the various groups or organizations co-ordinated under the Co-Curricular Activities Committee.

The Student Association (SA) is led by an Executive Committee, assisted by members of the subsidiary committee. The Executive Committee serves as a coordinator between the school and the student body including the 5 houses and about 20 clubs and societies.

Divided into 8 departments, the SA devotes herself to organising a wide range of co-curricular activities, major school functions and providing welfare services. Activities like Form One Orientation Programme and Camp, Inter-house Singing Contest, Inter-house Sports Competitions, Foundation Day, forums and seminars are organised annually, which often create lifelong collective memories and foster unity among our students.

The Student Council, as the consultative agent of the School under the Secretaries Department of the SA, is made up of representatives from each class, to articulate and gather student opinions. Class representatives may submit proposals and raise motions in the annual formal meetings for deliberation and voting. Relevant reports would be submitted to the Principal for consideration. Towards the end of the year, there would be a direct dialogue between the Principal and all students. It promotes efficient communication between students and the School.

Departments of Student Association

Ambassadors- School Ambassadors

Community Service- Volunteer Team



Recreational Activities

Secretaries- Student Council

Student Welfare








Clubs & Societies

Chinese Society

Computer & Robotics Society

Dance Club

English Society

Heritage & Cultural Society

Geography Society

Global Issues Society

Japanese & Korean Cultural Society

Mathematics Society

Psychology & Counselling Club

Recreation Club

Reading Club

Science & Technology Society

Technology & Living Society

Visual Art Club

Zonta Club

Covering a wide range of sports activities, Heep Yunn houses over 20 sports teams and all of them, have reached a very high standard. Since 1984, Heep Yunn has dominated girls’ sports in the Hong Kong and Kowloon regions and continued to be the overall girls champion of the much-coveted Bank of China (Hong Kong) Bauhinia Bowl Award (formerly the Omega Rose Bowl).

At least 1 in 3 of our students are involved in our school’s (over) 20 team sports at the Division I Level of the sports under the Hong Kong School Sports Federation purview. Teams practise 2 to 3 times weekly on campus where available to ensure a strong unity and cohesion among the athletes.

Under the ‘One sports one life’ programme, our school provides every student opportunity to take part in at least one sports interests class from the year of their admission. The common experience cultivates in our students not only the essential fortitude, but also the much-valued sportsmanship and never-quit mentality.

Sports Teams:





Beach Volleyball





Indoor Rowing










Tenpin Bowling



In Heep Yunn, music pervades throughout the campus. The music department offers musical groups and instrumental classes for students to further their music education outside the classroom. In addition to the 4 choirs, 5 orchestral groups and various instrumental classes, our School organises and participates in various music camps, master classes, outbound interflows and competitions. We also provide memorable occasions for our students to showcase their musical talents, ranging from important performances at school functions, Christmas caroling at prominent hotels to the annual school concert ‘Heartstring’. There are also lunchtime ensemble performances and visits to other schools in the community, to provide opportunities for our students to establish a firm music base. Our groups take part in choir and instrumental competitions, both overseas like the renowned World Choir Games, receiving many awards every year. In local competitions like the Hong Kong Schools’ Music Festivals, we have consistently been placed in the top three places in their categories.


Junior Choir

Senior Choir

Intermediate Mixed Choir (Heep Yunn School & Diocesan Boys’ School)

Senior Mixed Choir (Heep Yunn School & Wah Yan College, Kowloon)


Orchestral Groups


Symphonic Band

Chinese Orchestra

Chinese Percussion Ensemble

String Orchestra

“In quest of truth unwavering

Through days and months we’ve sought,

Intense in thought, discussing well

To strengthen life and thought.”

With the aims to promote the art of debate and eloquence of speech among students, and to enhance students’ critical thinking skills and global awareness, the three Debating Teams (Chinese, English and Putonghua) focus on students’ multi-dimensional development, while continuing the participation in inter-school debating competitions and speaking events locally and internationally. The English debating team has had a student qualify to represent Hong Kong in the World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships for each of the last five years. Our school is also one of the first few schools in Hong Kong to set up a Putonghua debating team and put a lot of effort in fostering debate-related exchange programmes with schools in Asia. Equipped with reasoned discourse and discernment, we prepare our students as visionary leaders serving and connecting our community with compassion, conviction and courage.


Major Activities

Overseas Debating and Public Speaking Competitions

Hong Kong Model United Nations (MUN)

Inter-school debates

Inter-school friendly debates

Inter-class debates

Mock Trial

All-round training programmes on speaking, debating and thinking skills


The world is a stage. To act impressively, we incubate our students with the much-needed notion of professionalism and teamwork. A holistic approach to drama education has been in place to foster students’ artistic and aesthetic development. In addition to the 3-year junior drama curriculum, students are given ample opportunities to appreciate drama and experience the making of drama in professional theatres through the activities organised by the Drama Group and the EMI Drama Group. The productions of our students, no matter in inter-school competitions or in the annual Drama Night “Muse”, have always moved our audience with novelty.


Major Activities

Drama Appreciation

Drama Camp

Drama Workshops

Hong Kong School Drama Festival

English Drama Festival

School Concert

Drama Night- “Muse”

Shakespeare: A Worldwide Classroom

Elegance comes from wisdom, while reading unlocks wisdom of life. To equip our students with trilingual abilities and nurture them to become effective communicators, our school offers extensive co-curricular language activities to students. Our students often prove themselves graced with language competence and creativity and they are approved by the accolade in various local and international competitions.


Major Activities

International/ National/ Inter-school Speech/ Calligraphy/ Reading & Writing Competitions

Joint School Creative Writing Programme

Speaking Programme

Reading Programmes

Putonghua promotion activities by Putonghua Ambassadors

Our school has made special efforts to become the cradle for budding scientists. The Science Week, a student-initiated programme, is held annually by the Science Ambassadors to develop student interest in Science and broach their scientific way of thinking. The STEM Education programme, together with the Junior Science curriculum, provide ample opportunities for each and every student to explore and apply scientific knowledge in everyday life. Students are encouraged to join external local and international science and mathematics competitions or interflow programmes. Our students’ success in inter-school science and mathematics competitions in Hong Kong has earned them valuable chances of international exposure through representing Hong Kong in science and mathematics competitions abroad. We believe that every small effort can make great changes. To empower our students with innovation and perseverance, we hope to bring betterment to our community.


Major Activities

International Junior Science/ Mathematics Olympiad

Young Inventor Competition

Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

China Adolescents Science & Technology Invention Contest

Smart City Project Programme

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition

Young Professionals Exhibition and Competition

InnoTech month

Science Week

Art appreciation and art making are integrated in a holistic Visual Arts curriculum. To enhance students’ understanding of the contemporary art scene, they are exposed to different artists and media in the Artist-in-school programme and are encouraged to explore different media by attending different kinds of workshops and master classes beyond the classroom:

  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design
  • Chinese calligraphy
  • Chinese painting
  • Photography
  • Ceramics and sculpture
  • Site-specific art

Civic awareness and interdisciplinary knowledge are instilled in the visual arts programme to cultivate a sense of social responsibility. Students serve the community and contribute to society through art making and showcase their creativity through different media. Their achievements are recognised in different ways, including awards, scholarships and exhibitions locally and abroad.

Our students are engaged in various publications, through words and other forms of media to faithfully record and pass on the legacy of Heep Yunn. The name of our school magazine, “Vintage”, captures the essence of our students’ works, of high quality and lasting value.

Publications Department

School Magazine (Vintage)

Liaison Team (Audio-visual, Media and Photography)

We believe that real success benefits not only ourselves, but also our fellow men. Every year, the Community Service Committee collaborates with various community groups to engage our students in a wide variety of community service programmes to serve both inside and outside the school campus with grace and humility. To nurture our students to become more caring and empathetic individuals and instill in them a keen spirit of public service, all students are required to complete a designated number of voluntary service hours each year.

Service Groups

Volunteer Team

Community Youth Club

Girl Guides and Rangers