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In Heep Yunn School, every effort is made to empower our students to conceive, believe in and achieve their aspirations. The Careers and Guidance Committee takes the lead in implementing the whole school Careers and Life Planning curriculum and organising a wide range of activities catering to the diverse needs of our students. Such activities include self-exploration, leadership training, scholarship applications, interview skills, university talks and company visits. Among all, the University Fair and the Work Experience Placement Prorgamme become unique highlights of the school events. The University Fair is organised with an aim to increase students’ awareness of the outside world and the options they can look to, whereas the Work Experience Placement Prorgamme provides our students with 4 days on-site work experience from a wide variety of sectors. In Heep Yunn, we ensure that students are given relevant, useful and practical advice so as to maximise their opportunities while minimising their worries and struggles in their key life stages. We hope to set our students in the best light and as such they are given every chance to achieve their dreams.

Major Activities

Work Experience Placement Prorgamme

Alumnae Mentorship & Careers Sharing

Careers-related programmes

Careers Lessons

University Fair

JUPAS and Overseas Applications

In Heep Yunn, one will never walk alone. The Counselling Committee works together with all teachers, the social workers and the Educational Psychologist to provide timely and individualised pastoral counselling and support to students with needs. Besides one-to-one interaction, the committee also runs mass programmes and programmes for small groups as means to help students adapt to the often-confusing and complicated adolescent years, as well as promoting positive attitude and values towards life.

Major Activities

Form One Induction Programme

Live for Life Programme

Health in Mind Programme

Joyful Programme

Big Sisters Scheme

Sex Education Talks

Stress Management Workshops

Learning to love always requires self-restraint. To this end, we educate our students to become disciplined role models to serve with grace and confidence. The Prefect’s Board consists of about 100 prefects to work in hand with the Disciplinary Board which consists of teacher advisors to build up good character and good school morale among students. The Board is led by the Head Prefect and two Second Head Prefects, who are elected by both students and teachers of our school.

Major Activities

Election of Second Head Prefects and Head Prefect

Junior Prefect Programme

Leadership Training Programme

Merit on Good Performance/ Conduct Award

Inter-class competitions on themes related to discipline

Performance of Prefect’s duty

The mentorship programme enhances holistic student guidance in Heep Yunn. Each student will be accompanied by a personal teacher mentor throughout her years of study in school to give continuous and comprehensive guidance and support over her personal growth, such as spiritual and ethical development, inter-personal relationships, time management skills and career planning. Through devising, discussing and reviewing their goals and career options, students’ self-awareness and self-esteem in taking up challenges are boosted, while a caring and supportive relationship between the students and their mentors is also fostered.


The Christian Activities Committee (CAC) has been established with the aims to promote Christian faith and values, provide spiritual support and pastoral care for the school, organise religious activities for the teachers and the students, conduct prayer meetings for school affairs and the needy, and organise services at Christian festivals or for important occasions.

To promote Christian faith and values among the students, Heep Kwong Tuen, the Christian Fellowship, has also been formed.

Christian Activities Committee

The school shows strong support to the committee as the Supervisor and the Principal not only act in the advisory capacity but participate in meetings and activities. A minister is sent by the Holy Trinity Church to help with pastoral care in our school.

Major Activities

Prayer Meetings

Morning Assembly

Services (Eucharist for staff and school, Christmas and Easter Services, Special Services e.g. Foundation Day)

Evangelical Week

Joint School Evangelical Activities

Summer Retreat Camp


Christian Fellowship (Heep Kwong Tuen)

“Jesus bids us shine, with a pure, clear light,

Like a little candle burning in the night.

In this world of darkness, so let us shine,

you in your small corner, and I in mine.”


The Christian Fellowship (Heep Kwong Tuen) is responsible for organising various activities to meet the spiritual needs of students on a regular basis. The group is obliged to live out the fellowship pledge and song to let their light shine before others, so that people may see their good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.

Major Activities

Annual Christian Gathering

Prayer Meetings

Weekly Programmes

Bible Study Groups/ Cell Groups

Christian Fellowship Committee Retreat Camp

Evangelical Week

New believers’ nurturing programme

Joint-School Fellowship

Summer Retreat Camp