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The Church Missionary Society took over the school for Ms. Johnstone and named it Fairlea Girls’ School


The foundation stone was laid at our Farm Road campus. Mrs. Cheung Chinn Yee Ching was appointed the first Headmistress of Heep Yunn School.


Forced closure of the school due to Japanese Occupation.


School building restored to Heep Yunn School by the British Army in January. The school re-opened in February with 309 girls and boys.


The opening of the gymnasium.


Dedication of the Chapel of St. Clare of Assisi


Mrs. Cheung Chinn Yee Ching retired from her post after 22 years of heading Heep Yunn School. Mrs. Cheung Lo Pok Hing became the second Headmistress.


Arts & science classes in form six opened.


The expansion of the school grounds was completed.


Heep Yunn sent her first three students directly into the University of Hong Kong


Rt. Rev. Bishop Gilbert Baker officially opened the junior assembly hall and the library.


The closing of the dormitory.


The first group of upper six students (social science) sat for Advanced Level examinations. The students were assigned to prepare for the Social Science Faculty at HKU.


Mrs. Cheung Lo Pok Hing’s retirement at her 20th year in Heep Yunn School. Mrs. Minnie Lai was appointed the third Headmistress


The swimming pool was opened.


Three tennis courts and a volleyball court were added.


The garden near the chapel and the athletics track beside the basketball court were built. Heep Yunn won its first Omega Rose Bowl (later renamed as the Bank of China (HK) Bauhinia Bowl since 2002). Heep Yunn has been the Division One Overall Girls’ Champion ever since.


The playground in the primary section was built.


The Jubilee Building was opened. Heep Yunn celebrated its 50th anniversary with a concert at City Hall and a two-day exhibition in the school.


The installation of the air-conditioning system was completed.


The top floor of the Jubilee Building was completed; the Geography Room was moved to its new premises there.


The library was doubled in size.


A secondary-primary-kindergarten combined concert was held at the Cultural Centre Concert Hall in July 1996 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Heep Yunn School.


The library was computerized and each Heep Yunn girl was given her own intranet account.


The official homepage of Heep Yunn School was established. HK$2.5 million was invested in the LAN system. Sixteen computers in library and seventy-two computers in special rooms were installed.


Mrs. Minnie Lai retired after 24 years of heading the school.  Mrs. Clara Lau was appointed headmistress as her successor. The School Improvement Project started.


Completion of the SIP building with the new Mrs. Winnie Man Sports Centre and Mrs. Ip Lo Hing Yuen Student Activity Centre. The Mrs. Minnie Lai Theatre was opened in the Jubilee Building. Completion of the Sorority Garden with the aid of the generous funding from the Old Girls’ Association.


Celebration of Heep Yunn’s 70th Anniversary with the ‘Muse of Spring’ in March (a showcase of the school’s drama productions), the school concert “Gloria” in July in the Sha Tin Town Hall, as well as the Thanksgiving Service and the Reunion Dinner in October. The library was renamed Au Lam Shui Lan Memorial Library after refurbishment.


Heep Yunn School was awarded the Best Girls’ Choir of Hong Kong.


Heep Yunn School celebrates its 25th consecutive championship in the interschool Division One girls’ competitive sports, having been awarded the Bank of China (HK) Bauhinia Bowl (formerly the Omega Rose Bowl) since 1984. Heep Yunn School was awarded the Best Junior Girls’ Choir of Hong Kong.


Heep Yunn School celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a reunion dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Approval was given for the school to changed to Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) school mode in September 2012. Mrs. Clara Lau retired after 9 years of heading the school, and Mr. C.H. Lee was appointed the fifth head of Heep Yunn School.


Heep Yunn School changed to DSS school mode.


A Gala Dinner, a Concert, a Drama Night and a Thanksgiving Service were held to mark to mark Heep Yunn’s 80th Anniversary

Our historic main building was renamed as Lau Cheung Suet Ming Building

Mr. C.H. Lee retired. Miss Bella Leung was appointed as the sixth Principal.


The SIP Building was renamed as Mr. and Mrs. Au Shue Hung Building.

The Senior Choir won the Most Outstanding Choir of the Year Award at the Hong Kong Music Festival.


The Putonghua Debating Team won the first overall championship at an International Chinese Debating Competition.

The School clinched the BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl, marking our 35th consecutive year of winning the Hong Kong Sports Federation Division 1 Overall Girls’ Championship.


The Extension Building was renamed as Chow Hau Leung and Li Shiu Ching Building.


The 85th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, the 85th Anniversary School Concert and the 85th Anniversary Thanksgiving Gathering were held in the School Hall.