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School Fees 學費 (2022-2023)

Number of Instalments
School Fee per Instalment
School Fee (Whole Year)
Form One中一 10 $3,780.00 $37,800.00
Form Two中二 10 $3,780.00 $37,800.00
Form Three中三 10 $3,780.00 $37,800.00
Form Four中四 10 $3,780.00 $37,800.00
Form Five中五 10 $3,780.00 $37,800.00
Form Six中六 6 1st instalment
第一期 $6,120.00,
2nd to 6th instalment
第二至六期 $6,130.00

* Subject to EDB’s approval 學費金額須待教育局審批後才能碓定。

• School fee payable for the succeeding year after class promotion will be no less than the school fee payable for the current year. For example, a student promoted from Form 5 to Form 6 will be paying no less than $37,800 in school fees in Form 6. (Subject to EDB’s approval) 當同學在翌年升級後,所需繳付的學費將不少於現時的學費水平。以今年就讀中五級別的同學為例,該同學於2023-2024就讀中六時應繳交的學費將不少於$37,800 (如獲教育局批准)。

• Depending on the school’s development and financial situation, fee revision applications may be submitted to EDB in future. 因應學校的發展和財務狀況,未來校方或需再向教育局申請調整學費。

Fee Remission Scheme(2022-2023)

The School offers a fee remission scheme for needy students (including those from families receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) and students receiving financial assistance provided by the Student Financial Office (SFO)). Subject to the availability of funds in the fee remission/scholarship scheme, the School will offer fee remission to needy students.
Applications are normally made before the commencement of a school year, but exceptional circumstances (such as a family member contracting chronic illness which requires high medical expenses, sudden and drastic changes to the family’s financial situation, etc) would warrant special consideration and suitable arrangements.
Needy students should apply for fee remission through their parents or legal guardians, and depending on the gross annual income of the students’ family, different levels of fee remission, capped at full fee cut (100%), can be provided.


Level of Fee RemissionSchool Fees Payable per year
Full (100%)Nil
Three-Quarters (75%)25% of the school fee
Half (50%)50% of the school fee
Quarter  (25%)75% of the school fee

Fee Remission Means Test

(Reference will be made to the SFO’s definitions, standards and requirements for the interpretation of the terms used)
The School will make reference to the applicant family’s Gross Annual Income and the number of family members when considering the fee remission application. Please refer to Table 1: “Level of Fee Remission” attached which shows the different ranges of Gross Annual Income and the corresponding fee remission levels.

Fee Remission Application Procedures

Application forms will be distributed to ALL students who are offered a school place. Parents or legal guardians of students who wish to apply for fee remission should fill in the application forms according to the guidelines given and submit the supporting documents requested.together with the completed application forms on or before the application deadline stated on the form.

Application period

The School will receive applications after the applicant has accepted the School’s offer of a school place.

Notification of fee remission application results

The School will notify the applicants of the results by mail within 30 days from the application deadline provided that all required information and documentary evidence have been received by the School.

Discretionary Fee Remission Scheme (2022-2023)

Siblings Discretionary Fee Remission
The School will provide fee remission for families with 2 or more daughters studying at the secondary section in the same school year. If an applicant family has more than 1 daughter attending Heep Yunn School the same school year early:

Daugther ADaughter BCalculation of Fee remission
ElderYoungerA: the original number of family members applying for “Level of Fee Remission”.

Example: In a family of 4 with 2 daugthers attending Heep Yunn School, in determining the eligibility of Daughter A for fee remission, the applicant should refer to the row of 4 family members; while for Daugther B, the member of family members would be adjusted to 4+1, hence the applicant should refer to the row of 5 family members for Daugther B.

2 .Emergency Discretionary Fee Concessions
Families in sudden financial hardship can apply for emergency discretionary fee concessions all year round whenever necessary, and need not wait until the prescribed application period for the normal fee remission application period.

3. Discretionary Fee Concessions (Long Term Medical Expenses)
Families bearing the long-term medical expenses of its own household member or the parents’ next-of-kin without any public funding support may also make applications to the school for discretionary fee concessions.

4. Living Expenses Subsidy
Students eligible for full (100%), three-quarters (75%) or half (50%) fee remission who are in financial difficulties may apply for living expenses subsidies which will be granted in suitable cases for up to 10 months in an academic year. Eligible students will be provided with details upon successful application of full (100%), three-quarters (75%) or half (50%) fee remission.

Discretionary Fee Remission Application Procedures

Applications for Siblings Discretionary Fee Remission, and Discretionary Fee Concessions (Long Term Medical Expenses) can be made using the same application forms as the normal fee remission applications.
Parents or legal guardians of students who wish to apply for the above discretionary fee remission should fill in the application forms according to the guidelines given and submit the requested documents together with the completed application forms on or before the application deadline stated in the forms.
Applicants for Emergency Discretionary Fee Concessions can call the General Enquiries (Fee Remission Scheme) (see below) for assistance.
Application forms for Living Expenses Subsidy will be provided to eligible students who have successfully applied for full (100%), three-quarters (75%) or half (50%) fee remission when they receive the notification of fee remission application results.

Notification of fee remission application results

The School will notify the applicants of the results by mail within 30 days from the date that all required information and documentary evidence have been received by the School.

Fee Remission Application Appeal Mechanism

An applicant can appeal to reconsider her case if she has sufficient justifications for being unsatisfied with the results. Her appeal must be submitted to the School within one month from the date of the notification. All appeals (except for those concerning Emergency Discretionary Fee Concessions and Discretionary Fee Concessions (Long Term Medical Expenses), which will be referred to the School Management Committee for review) will be dealt with by an Appeal Panel whose members consist of School Management Committee members and independent third parties.
The School will conduct random checks to verify the details of applications and to ensure the funds are properly used.
The School reserves the right to amend the details of the scheme from time to time.

Application Form and Self Assessment Platform of fee remission

General Enquiries (Fee Remission Scheme)

Miss Doreen Wong
Miss Mandy Leung
Tel: 2711 0862 (Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)