Foundation Day

On the 23rd of October, Heep Yunn celebrated her 83rd birthday. On this special day, we were very honoured to have Ms. Angelique Tam Chi-wah JP. joining us in the School Hall as the guest speaker of the occasion. 

Despite having a well-paid job which enabled her to travel extensively and learn a lot, she decided to return to her initial passion for helping others with her good knowledge of Psychology. After joining the Society For The Aid And Rehabilitation Of Drug Abusers, she dedicated herself to helping drug addicts turn their lives around, as well as volunteering in less-developed areas. Through her sharing, our girls not only were inspired to reflect deeply on what they hoped to achieve in their lives but were also greatly uplifted by the internal struggles and journey of recovery of former drug abusers.

Apart from the meaningful and touching sharing of Ms. Tam, our Student Association also organized a light-hearted celebration activity in the School Hall. This year, SA members took us on a trip down memory lane and brought back fond memories from previous school years and experiences. Through making interesting video clips, the Student Association helped us get to know more about our teachers, especially the quirky and funny sides of their personality.

We would like to sincerely thank Ms. Tam, all our teachers, the Student Association, and everyone who participated in the celebration activities for their hard work. Happy birthday to Heep Yunn, and may the Heep Yunn spirit be passed on to future generations of students to come!

Text by:  Eunice Poon (5D)