Foundation Day

This year’s Foundation Day marks the 86th year of the establishment of Heep Yunn School. The Foundation Day commenced with the thanksgiving service. Our honourable guest, Ms. Ann Yeung, who was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of China, was invited to share her school life in Heep Yunn School and her experience working at the Bank of China with us. Having worked at the Bank of China for over two decades, Ms. Yeung generously shared her dedication to the industry. Her speech inspired us to explore multiple pathways in the future. Then, the School Choir dedicated the melodious Latin song ‘Benedictus Es’ and the School Song to the school. Their angelic voices not only put a perfect close to the Foundation Day, but also spread the Heep Yunn spirit — togetherness — which has always been upheld in our school.

After the thanksgiving service, the long-awaited celebration activities organised by the Student Association were held. This year, members of the Student Association took on the role of detectives as they mounted the stage. The leaders and chair ladies of various clubs and societies amazed our students with their spectacular dance performances. The celebration was wrapped up with videos of blessings from teachers and students.

Last but not least, we are thankful for all teachers and students who have contributed their time and effort to the Foundation Day. Let us all sincerely wish Heep Yunn School a dazzling future ahead.