Foundation Day

The 23rd of October, which marked the 82nd anniversary of Heep Yunn’s establishment, was a joyful day for all HYS members. On this special day, the Thanksgiving Service and the SIP Building Renaming Ceremony were held, but to us students, the highlight of the day was definitely the celebratory activities hosted by the Student Association.

The theme of this year’s Foundation Day was a photo album filled with monumental events, telling the story of Heep Yunn’s development over the past 82 years. It was conveyed through a video clip, and members of the Student Association danced excitedly as part of the celebratory activities. The video was concluded with a moving speech by our former vice principal, Mr. Tang. Needless to say, the students were in high spirits even after the activities ended. We have all the teachers who appeared in the video and the Student Association to thank for such an exciting day, and here we wholeheartedly wish Heep Yunn a very happy birthday and a dazzling future in the years to come.


Text by: Giann Yeung (4E)