Installation ceremony 

Our annual installation ceremony, a special occasion for all our student leaders to pledge their responsibility and commitment to their teams as well as to the School, was successfully held in the School Hall on 21st October, 2021.


During the ceremony, each of our student leaders received a badge of honour from our Principal, marking the beginning of their journey as leaders of different school teams. Committee members of the Student Association, captains of the five Houses, school prefects, chief editors and leaders of sports teams, music groups, drama groups, debating teams, Girl Guides and the Christian Fellowship solemnly pledged their dedication, serving as good role models for their younger sisters in school.


We are so impressed that all our student leaders are willing to devote their time and efforts to achieving the betterment of the school community. Taking charge of their teams, student leaders are offered a wide range of opportunities to organise various activities, liaise with different parties and acquire essential life skills. With such tireless efforts from everyone involved, the Heep Yunn legend can be passed on.


Without a doubt, all the student leaders will gain invaluable experience through rendering such service and further develop into mature, competent and empathetic leaders who will continue to serve the wider community in the near future!