Installation Ceremony

On 28th September, the Installation Ceremony of the 2022-2023 academic year was held solemnly and successfully in the School Hall.  It was a very important day as brand new groups of student representatives were officially introduced and appointed.

During the ceremony, badges of honour were presented by our School Principal to the committee members of the Student Association, prefects, house captains, chief editors, leaders of sports teams, music groups, drama groups, the Girl Guides, the Christian Fellowship and captains of debating teams as they pledged their full dedication to the School. They were ready to exude their enthusiasm and hard work. Everyone in the School Hall then rose and sang the School song with immense pride while the Principal lit candles held by the representatives of the Christian Fellowship. And with that, the Heep Yunn spirit and her legend were officially passed on.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought unprecedented challenges, our student leaders will strive to overcome any seemingly insurmountable obstacles with their strong determination as they pledge to serve the School whole-heartedly. Only by actively participating in school affairs can students truly develop their leadership skills and gain invaluable experiences that no other positions can offer. Thereby, it is with much gratitude and hope that our students will continue to shine as talented individuals who are prepared to embark on their journey as leaders in their respective communities.