Inter-House Swimming Gala

On the 5th of October, all students, teachers and staff of Heep Yunn School gathered at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool for our annual Inter-house Swimming Gala.  As the signal for the first event to begin was heard clearly through the swimming pool, the swimmers dived into the water gracefully, marking the start of the Swimming Gala.

The highlights of the day were the teacher-student relay event and the Inter-house cheering team competition. At school, students seldom have a chance to see the sporty side of our teachers who do not teach Physical Education. As a result, many students were surprised to see how fast some of our teachers could swim. It was extremely difficult to choose a favourite team, so most of the students on the spectators’ stand simply cheered for both sides while admiring their swimming skills.  

On the other hand, it was much easier to choose a team to support for the cheering competition, with everyone hoping to clinch victory for their very own house. Apart from the classics such as “Give me an H” and the House Song, the Form 1 girls cheered for the athletes enthusiastically, chanting to the melodies of adapted pop songs. The primary school invitation relay that day was equally enjoyable as well.

Congratulations to all prize winners, record breakers and individual champions. A huge thank you for all the teachers and officials who made this event possible. Last but not least, huge congratulations to Yunn House for winning both the cheering team competition and the overall championship this year!


Text by: Eunice Poon (4D)