Personal Growth Programme 2022

The Personal Growth Programme (PGP) for Form One to Form Five students resumed after two years of suspension and was successfully held between 21st to 26th July, 2022. Like the previous PGP, the programme for each form was developed based on a specific learning theme.  However, due to the pandemic, all the programmes were held within the territory and the activities were mostly organized in the format of day excursion. Nevertheless, with the meticulous plannings of the teachers,  our students still gained valuable insights and takeaways from the fruitful learning experiences. 


Form One Programme: Life-skills development 

Our Form One students visited the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village for the first two days of the programme and participated in a wide range of activities that could hone their leadership, collaboration, and self-management skills. On the last day of the programme, students returned to the school campus to engage in problem solving tasks to learn how to resolve interpersonal conflicts with empathy and kindness. 

Form Two Programme: Sustainable development 

During the three-day programme, our Form Two students went through a fruitful journey of ecology and conservation. On the first day of the programme, students paid a visit to Mil Mill, the first local pulp mill that specializes in recycling beverage cartons,  and gained hands-on experience in making recycled paper. The highlight of the programme was definitely the study trip to Cheung Chau on the second day, where the students learned about the geographical features and the cultural history of the island. On the last day, our students explored Noah’s Ark Hong Kong and understood its work in nature conservatio

Form Three Programme: Tourism and cultural conservation 

On the first day, our Form Three students got an unusual opportunity to took part in the Disney’s Foundations for Career Success held in the Hong Kong Disneyland. Throughout the programme, the students gained an initial understanding about the hardwork and professionalism that is required for the running of a successful theme park. On the second day, students visited Tai O to learn about the cultural heritage of the old fishing village. After a series of excursions away from the city center, students went to Central to continue their journey on the third day, visiting  Government Hill, Tai Kwun, Central Market, Man Mo Temple, exploring the rich history of the area. 

Form Four Programme: Careers exploration  

As the Form Four students start to plan for their future study plans, the PGP of the form is related to the  students’ life planning. For students who were keen on collecting more information about local universities, they could participate in the customised university tours offered by the HKU, CUHK and HKUST. For those who were interested in businesses that also create social impacts, they could participate in the workshop organised by Fullness Social Enterprise, an organisation that aims at promoting the spirit of social enterprises among local students. On the second day of the programme, our students got a valuable opportunity to meet groups of Heep Yunn alumnae on campus.  Through the small group meetings, our students knew more about the learning  lives in local or overseas universities. 

Form Five Programme: Stress Management

Facing the imminent pressure of public exams, Form Five students spent their first day visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, going on park rides for fun and enjoyment. On the second day, they attended a stress relief workshop in Discovery Bay, learning about peace at mind through dancing and stretching exercises. On the third day, they tested their physical limits on sports involving climbing up heights in YMCA, as well as unwinding their stress with arts and crafts.

In spite of all the travel restrictions, the Personal Growth Programme was as enjoyable as the previous ones that took place outside the territory. With this rewarding experience in mind, students are sure to look forward to the Programme next year!