South China Morning Post Student of the Year Awards


Our school has always placed heavy emphasis on and taken great pride in supporting our students’ holistic development. No matter it be in academics, sports or music, Heep Yunn girls have always been able to show their skills to the fullest in their chosen fields.
This year, our students have broken through the ranks and attained several different South China Morning Post Student of the
Year Awards, fully demonstrating the success of our all-round approach to education. The recipients are as follows:

Sportsperson: Yeung Sum Yee (Winner)
Linguist Putonghua: Man Ka Yee Angel (Winner)
Visual Artist: Wan Lok Yiu (Shortlisted)
Linguist Cantonese: Yip Ning See (Shortlisted)
Linguist English: Ma Wan Ki Jess (Shortlisted)

Text: Pamela Chiu 4D, Bernice Lin 4D