Speech Day

For our Class of 2017-2018, this year’s 23rd of November, which officially marked their graduation, will definitely be an unforgettable day for all of them. Our graduates returned to Heep Yunn dressed in formal suits, instead of the iconic blue Cheong Sam which has long been their school uniform, for our Speech Day and proudly received their graduation certificates on the stage in the School Hall.

The ceremony was a simple one, yet full of meaning, fond memories, as well as blessings from parents, teachers and our alumni. Apart from our honourable guests who gave powerful words of encouragement to our graduates, we would also like to thank our music groups which had all performed beautifully, and everybody who played a part in making the event a smooth one.

Although their graduation officially marked the end of their secondary school life, we are sure that it was just the beginning of many more fruitful years to come. We wish them the best of luck from the bottom of our hearts, hoping that every one of our graduates can spread her wings and fly to wherever she dreams of being, and become the person she wishes to be.

Happy graduation to all our graduates, and we sincerely hope that every year of yours will be better than the last!


Text by: Eunice Poon (4D)