Speech Day 2021

As the autumn breeze started to roll in, so came rustling along our most colourful event of the year, Heep Yunn School Speech Day. On 18th November, the Class of 2021 returned to officially bid their farewells to the place they have called their second home over the past six years. No longer were the girls clad in their iconic blue cheongsams; rather, they were impressive young ladies dressed in smart suits, proud and self-assured, as they received their graduation certificates on the stage.

This year, we invited Mr. Roland Chow to be the guest of honour at the event. Mr. Chow has been a valued member of the School Council for more than five decades. We were also glad that the Right Revd. Dr. Timothy Kwok was able to join us on this ceremonious occasion. We were very appreciative of their valuable sharing of personal experience and their kind words of encouragement for our graduates. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all Heep Yunn music groups, teachers, and students who contributed to the success of this event. The choral and orchestral performances were truly outstanding. 

What appears to be an ending is really just a new beginning in disguise. As the graduates step out of the gates of Heep Yunn and into the promise of the future, we wish them the best of fortune and trust that they will brave the difficulties ahead in order to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. 

Congratulations once again, dear graduates. Wherever you go, wherever the future takes you, always remember you are never alone and that Heep Yunn will always remain a place you can call home.