Cancellation of the F1 Admission Talk

Due to the recent social situation, we regret to announce that all 3 sessions of the Form 1 Admission Talk scheduled for 26th October 2019 are cancelled. The safety and well-being of all participants are our utmost concern, and in view of the current situation, we are concerned that unforeseen circumstances might disrupt traffic and the safety of the participants on that day.

For more information, please visit our school website after 26th October 2019 and download the School Prospectus, our promotional leaflet, Kaleidoscope, and other application documents.

Thank you for your continuing support to Heep Yunn School and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.



本校感謝 貴家長對協恩中學的支持,並為停辦本學年的中一入學講座致歉,不情之處,敬請見諒。