Drama Night – “Muse”

Upon the full resumption of drama and theatre activities, our school’s drama groups
experienced a busy but rewarding year. On 10th July, 2023, both the Drama Group and
the EMI Drama Group presented their fruits of labour on Drama Night, ‘Muse’, held in
our School Hall.
The night began with the Drama Group’s original play, entitled ‘In a Fix’. First presented
real time on Zoom during the Hong Kong School Drama Festival, then as a reader’s
theatre in the public performance, the play staged this evening successfully melded
elements of the aforementioned media into the traditional onstage performance.
Through a mixed-means form, the play took the audience through an intriguing journey
down the spiral of obsession.
After the intermission, the EMI Drama Group took over the stage following a year-long
hiatus, presenting their production. This year, the group adapted a selected scene from
the famed Shakespearean play, the Taming of the Shrew. The reimagining of this well-
loved Shakespearean comedy was brilliant and humorous, earning rapturous laughter
from the audience.

Following the performance of the EMI Drama Group was an original Chinese play, 《尋•
沉》, written and performed by the executive committee members of the Drama Group.
Insightful but light-hearted, the play was well received by the audience as evidenced by
the roars of laughter echoing through the Hall.

The evening was just magical and entertaining, and surely it could not have been so
successful without the support of various parties. First of all, the sincerest of thanks
must be given to the Drama Group, the EMI Drama Group, and all our teachers-in-
charge for their concerted efforts. Our sincere gratitude must also be extended to our
School Council members and esteemed guests who attended and supported the event.
As the night drew to a close, may the memory and inspiration from this unforgettable
evening be carried forward long after the curtains fell.