World Choir Games 2023

After a painfully long period of three years, the pandemic is finally drifting away from our lives, losing its terrible grip on us. Thus, overseas tours and competitions have resumed. In early July 2023, the School Choir ventured into the world of music and participated in the World Choir Games, hosted in Gangneung, Korea. This competition provided a fabulous opportunity for our singers to broaden their horizons. Choirs from around the globe are drawn to this well-known and highly regarded international competition every year.

Having received Gold Medals in both the Youth Choirs of Equal Voices and Musica Contemporanea Equal Voices categories with 93 marks and 90 marks respectively, the School Choir returned home brimming with pride at their remarkable achievement. On such a huge stage, sharing the spotlight with distinguished choirs from around the world, our singers could fully express their love and passion for singing. After months of preparation, each note was finely polished, and every chord resonated clearly amongst the exuberant crowd. With their hearts and souls poured into each performance, our singers were rewarded with cheer and jubilation from all those in attendance.


The 12th World Choir Games, which embodies the value of excellence, unity and cultural exchange, serves as a platform for singers to establish friendships across nations. Our School Choir members, with their extroverted enthusiasm and passion for making new friends, successfully connected with musicians from all over the globe. During the short breaks and mealtimes, our singers danced around and chatted with other talented performers in the venue, enjoying the company of their new friends who shared the same passion for music.


After spending almost a week’s time in Korea, our girls proudly returned in triumph. For such a long time amidst the pandemic, the chance for going on an overseas tour seemed almost impossible, but thankfully, this day finally came. Indeed, these tours help our students learn so much about other cultures, other participants, and even our schoolmates as they navigate living on their own. We would like to thank all the teachers-in-charge, tour leaders, tour guides and the School for their unwavering support, which contributed to the success of this fantastic tour. Perhaps one day, again, travelling to a faraway land with friends is no longer a distant dream.