Evangelical Week 23-24

In tribute to Heep Yunn’s Christian heritage, the annual Evangelical Week was designed to spiritually enrich our teachers and students. This year’s programme, orchestrated by Heep Kwong Tuen, the Christian Fellowship, featured the Evangelical Meetings and a series of engaging activities.

On March 19th and 20th, we hosted Evangelical Meetings for our Form One students and the broader school community. The chapel sessions were graced by the presence of our alumni and members from One Circle, a Christian evangelistic group, who enriched our Form One students with biblical
lessons and hymn appreciation. Concurrently, in the School Hall, Reverend Adam Mo captivated us with his personal spiritual odyssey, aligning with the week’s theme: ‘Truth or Dare? Truth and Dare!’.
Throughout the week, the Christian Fellowship’s meticulously planned activities which allowed students to express their gratitude through hymn dedications, and a variety of workshops.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Reverend Adam Mo, One Circle, and our alumni for generously sharing their time and wisdom with us.

As we reflect on a week filled with enlightenment, we find a warm respite embracing us in the post-test period, providing strength and inspiration for the challenges ahead.