F4 PGP 2324

Opportunities are both created and discovered. From 8th to 12th January, our Form Four girls embarked on internships at various generous companies. Armed with the lessons learned from previous years, they were equipped with valuable tips and reminders before stepping into their first day in the workforce.

This continuously evolving program spans a wide array of job opportunities, including positions in medicine, judicial clerkships, and aviation training. Thanks to the generosity of over fifty companies, our students have been offered a rich selection of job placements. We extend our deepest gratitude to these companies for their time and hospitality.

The thoughtful and considerate guidance provided by their supervisors has allowed our students to gain significant hands-on experience. Among their key learnings are the refinement of a problem-solving mindset, the courage to voice their opinions, and enhanced communication skills.

We must also express our heartfelt thanks to our teachers and the participating companies for making this program a reality. The dedication and effort of our teachers have been crucial to the program’s success, offering invaluable support to our students.

As our students step into a new phase of their lives, we earnestly hope they will apply the insights gained from this program to excel in their future endeavours.