F3 PGP 2324

On 8th January 2024, our Form Three students set off for Guizhou in Mainland China, embarking on this year’s Personal Growth Programme. Their five-day stay amidst the enchanting rural landscapes of Guizhou was filled with a variety of fun and enriching activities, granting them an invaluable learning experience and the creation of many cherished memories with classmates.


During their visit, the students delved into the history and cultures of the local ethnic groups, predominantly the Sui and Miao peoples. By visiting three schools in the region, our girls engaged in multiple exchanges with the local students. These interactions fostered a deeper understanding of each other’s distinct lifestyles and facilitated bonding despite their differences. The itinerary also included museum tours, cultural performances, and hands-on traditional handicraft-making sessions, providing our students with ample opportunities to gain knowledge outside the conventional classroom setting and to immerse themselves fully in the minorities’ unique culture.


This brief yet profound trip served as an eye-opening adventure for our Form Three girls. They experienced the vibrant sights and sounds of Guizhou, along with the priceless heritage nestled within its rocky mountains and deep valleys. We hope that our students will fondly remember this eventful journey. It is destined to become a source of inspiration, encouraging them to continue their pursuit of knowledge with vigor.