Foundation Day 23-24

The 19th of October marked the commencement of Heep Yunn School’s 87th year, a legacy defined by moving forward in unity. Despite the persistent showers and an autumnal chill that could be felt on this year’s Foundation Day, the mutual joy shared by our students and teachers
alike was palpable. The campus buzzed with jubilation as everyone celebrated Heep Yunn’s 87th anniversary in high spirits.

The day commenced with the Thanksgiving Service, a time to reflect on our roots and to express gratitude through prayers and hymns, beautifully rendered by the School Choir. We were honoured to have our alumna, Dr. Sophie Leung, Clinical Associate Professor of the Paediatrics Department from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to come and join us as our guest speaker.
Dr. Leung fondly recalled her old days at Heep Yunn and delved into her journey within the field of paediatrics. Her enduring passion for children’s health and her drive, combined with a keen sense of responsibility, served as an inspiring testament. She underscored the idea that, despite the vagueness of our future goals, any journey in life could be enriched with dedication and an insatiable desire to learn.
After the Thanksgiving Service, the atmosphere turned electric as the celebratory dance show took centre stage, meticulously organised by the Student Association. From the vibrant dance routines set to contemporary Korean pop music, to the light-hearted video clips portraying a day
in the life of a Heep Yunn student, and the touching, heartfelt wishes from our educators, the Hall was alive with the resonating cheers of our students.

As we wrapped up this memorable day, we all collectively wished Heep Yunn School a prosperous future filled with unity and looked forward to celebrating many more important milestones.