Form One Admission Talk 24-25

On 14th October 2023, Heep Yunn School opened her doors to enthusiastic primary school students and their parents coming to attend the annual Form One Admission Talk. Visitors had the opportunity to participate in numerous games organised by our sports teams, clubs and
societies, offering a deeper insight into Heep Yunn’s diverse and enriching school life.

Our Headmistress, Ms. Bella Leung, emphasised the essence of our school spirit – unity and cooperation, in her welcoming speech. She earnestly encouraged everyone to embrace teamwork and to grow together as a Heep Yunn family in the years to come. Additionally, Ms. Leung presented an overview of our school’s holistic education approach, touching upon key aspects of our formal curriculum and other special programmes, such as the mentorship scheme offered to all students.

We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers and student helpers who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the Admission Talk. Whenever a guest needed assistance, prompt aid was provided by our dedicated student helpers. Their unwavering commitment and efforts ensured that all our visitors could experience first-hand our dedication to excellence and our spirit of unity.