Funfair 23-24

As the first month of the year swiftly passes, the Heep Yunn family comes together on the third Sunday of January to celebrate one of the school’s most anticipated events. On 21st January 2024, the 42nd Annual Fun Fair unfolded with great success, welcoming both familiar faces and newcomers to a day brimming with laughter and joy.


The Annual Fun Fair has always been a precious opportunity for Heep Yunn girls to hone their organisational and communication skills. Moreover, it offers a golden week for our budding artists and tech enthusiasts to showcase their creativity through eye-catching stall designs and innovative games. The week of preparation and the dazzling display of game booths on the tennis and basketball courts filled our girls with a sense of pride and satisfaction. It also strengthened the bonds within each class, creating a deeper sense of unity.


Marking the first full-scale Fun Fair since the pandemic, this year’s event held special meaning. Motivated by this significance, students, and guests eagerly seized the opportunity to fully engage with the event, basking in the collective excitement. Fortunately, unlike last year, we were graced with fair weather, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the festivities. We hope that all who attended were able to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, creating cherished memories that will be fondly remembered for years to come.