F1 PGP 2324

Starting the new year with high spirits, our Form One girls embarked on a new chapter in their lives with their first-ever Personal Growth Programme. This initiative included a two-day visit to the Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp, followed by a half-day programme at school, all filled with merriment and exuberance.

At the camp, the girls participated in a variety of activities designed to unleash their full potential. A standout moment was the educational activity where they constructed Roman catapults from raw materials like bamboo sticks and cords. Once their devices were operational, they engaged in a spirited water fight. The process of designing the catapults and strategizing for the water fight perfectly showcased the girls’ creativity and strategic thinking. Moreover, engaging in rock climbing and abseiling highlighted their physical coordination and remarkable courage.

The programme concluded with a heartfelt sharing session, where they reflected on their experiences and the insights gained over the two days. This Personal Growth Programme signifies the start of a six-year journey at Heep Yunn, promising a journey full of learning and the development of lasting friendships.