Installation Ceremony

As camera lights flashed and applause rang, student leaders stood up to receive their badges, each solemnly pledging dedication to their teams, vowing to stand true to their cause.

Amidst a raging pandemic and strict safety precautions, our school’s annual installation ceremony was hosted on the 16th of October. On the occasion, members of the Prefects’ Board, committee members of the Student Association, house captains, leaders of the sports and music teams, chairpersons of the debate teams and drama groups as well as representatives of the Christian Fellowship were officially appointed by the Principal, each of them receiving a badge in honour of their unwavering commitment.

Although circumstances in the current year have been less than ideal, we trust that our student leaders will prevail over any and all adversities they might encounter during their term. Through rising up to the occasion, student leaders will certainly gain traits proving to be invaluable to both their teams and themselves, as well as gain insights into the role of leadership within a team.

We hope that student leaders, as crucial members of their respective organisations, will strive for the very best and lead their teams to new heights in accordance with the Heep Yunn legend. We wish them the best of luck, and look forward to seeing them truly blossom as individuals and as leaders.

Text by: Celina Deng (5A)