Foundation Day

The School has tried to maintain an atmosphere of normalcy over the past month, interweaving masks, social distancing and shortened timetables into our school lives as in-person classes resumed. Our Foundation Day, held on the 23rd of October, did not have that privilege. For the first time, we celebrated the School’s birthday not together but apart; three forms watching the proclamation of Heep Yunn’s 84th birthday in the School Hall with the other forms remotely joining the event through the digital screens in their classrooms. Celebrations held by the Student Association took place twice to maintain proper social distancing in the School Hall.

The COVID-19 pandemic swept through Hong Kong, and in its wake a new normal has emerged. On Foundation Day, we were greeted with shrieks of delight and thunderous laughter in the classrooms and in the School Hall. The masks donned by the student leaders did not stop their jubilance and euphoria from infecting the crowd of audience sitting in the Hall. This is testimony to how our School has adapted to this new normal without leaving behind any of its core values and strength of spirit.

Dr. Patricia Chiu, our guest speaker on Foundation Day, took us down memory lane by sharing with us the history of our school. With the grace of God, Heep Yunn School has remained standing throughout the weathering of the sands of time, seen both triumphs and failures. Her speech was a reminder to us that we have survived those 84 years through the strength of our unity and commitment. We look forward to celebrating more years of joy and challenges together.

Text by: Iris Tsui (5E)