Inter-house Athletics Meet

After experiencing the extreme weather in the previous week, we were delighted to be greeted with white clouds and a clear sky during our school’s annual Inter-house Athletics Meet on 18th and 19th September. Teachers and students gathered at Wan Chai Sports Ground to applaud the our athletes’ efforts and celebrate sportsmanship on the tracks.
This year, our athletes demonstrated immense dedication, breaking eight records in both track and field events. We also saw the return of the long-standing Inter-class 5×4000m competition.

Against all odds, our athletes strived to excel in the events showing unwavering commitment.With their classmates cheering them on, they were determined to fight on till the end.
The highlight was, as always, the Inter-house Cheering Competition. The Form One girls, with their vibrant costumes, creative choreography, and undeniable enthusiasm, caught everyone’s attention. Among them, Yunn House emerged as the champion, impressing everyone there with their amazing performance.
We were privileged to have Ms. Wong Cheuk Ning, from the Class of 2019, to come and share with us her athletic journey at Heep Yunn. As the junior record holder for the 10km and Half Marathon in Hong Kong and the 2022 Standard Chartered Full Marathon champion, she gave us insights into her unexpected shift from basketball to long-distance running — a path she has come to cherish deeply. Her inspiring story reminded students about the importance of recognising and nurturing their hidden talents and being open to unforeseen opportunities.
As the Inter-house Athletics Meet wrapped up with fervour, we would like to extend our gratitude to our teachers, student officials, and all the staff responsible for the seamless execution of the events. This occasion has certainly given us imprinted memories that will be shared and remembered in the years to come.