The Commencement of the School Year 2023 – 2024

As the last days of August were drifting by, it was, once again, time to return to school, where some were boldly taking their first steps on a whole new journey, whilst others were awaited by the warm comfort of familiar faces.

In the very first morning assembly of this academic year, our Headmistress Ms. Leung shared with us heart-warming stories of how she strived to fulfil her multiple duties as a working mother. As students, we, too, have various roles to take on and important responsibilities to perform in our roles, many of which may seem daunting at times. However, as quoted from the Hymn It’s a Long Road to Freedom, “When you walk in love with the wind on your wings, and cover the earth with the songs you sing, the miles fly by”. Indeed, with the love and continued support from our teachers and classmates, no burden will be too heavy to bear.

Although it was unfortunate that our first school day of the new academic year was postponed due to the fierce typhoon, we will be sure to brave the winds and dedicate ourselves to fulfilling this upcoming quest for knowledge and personal growth, no matter how difficult the journey may appear be, hopefully emerging at the end of the year a little older, but a little wiser.