F2 PGP 23-24

With the return to normalcy this year, our Form 2 girls were presented with a rich learning experience through the Personal Growth Programme. Embarking on a 3-day journey from 8th to 10th January, they explored local history and the bustling city of Guangzhou, broadening their horizons and deepening their understanding of diverse subjects.


Their adventure included visits to historical buildings and iconic monuments, where they uncovered the rich heritage of their surroundings. This journey wasn’t just about observing; it was about connecting with the past and understanding the development of local areas and the history behind China’s maritime trade.


A highlight of their trip was the opportunity to visit a school in Guangzhou. This allowed them to interact with local students and experience different learning styles, further enriching their educational journey. The importance of first-hand experience and observation in learning was vividly illustrated, significantly enhancing their cultural awareness and knowledge.


Looking ahead, the experiences gained from this Personal Growth Programme will undoubtedly inspire our Form 2 girls to be proactive learners, eager to explore and understand the world around them.