Form One Training Camp

In late September this year, our Form One girls embarked on their first Personal Growth Programme in their Heep Yunn life, a preview of the fruitful and colourful six years to come.

Upon arriving at the campsite, the students were split into small groups to participate in fun-filled group activities such as building a Roman catapult, having a water fight, abseiling down a slope and rock climbing. By excelling in the challenges, they could earn points for their team and bring it closer to winning first place. Apart from challenging our Form One girls’ physical abilities, their teamwork and problem-solving skills were also put to the test. 

What our girls found most memorable was the night orienting challenge. At a tender age, most of them had never had the chance to try this previously. While it was seemingly impossible to locate all the checkpoints alone and was really nerve-wracking to explore an unfamiliar place in the dark, our Form One girls all managed to make it, thanks to the encouragement of their teammates. 

We believe that our Form One students all left the camp feeling more confident about their capabilities and potentials. Also, after spending some time together and scaling challenges with their schoolmates, the girls have also become closer to each other. We sincerely wish the Heep Yunn Family’s newest members many years of friendship to come!

Text by: Eunice Poon (5D)