Form Two Macau Cultural Tour

From the 23rd of September to the 25th, our Form 2 girls went to Macau for a three-day cultural tour. Influenced greatly by both Chinese and Portuguese lifestyles, Macau’s unique yet diverse culture offered a lot for these students to explore.

One of the most memorable attractions was the Guia Fortress, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Macau. Despite the long walk uphill under the sweltering heat, the gorgeous view on top of the fortress made it worthwhile to our girls. Apart from admiring the beautiful scenery there, the students also learned more about the history of Macau and the fortress.

Another highlight of the trip was visiting local schools. Students from 2A, 2B and 2E visited Sheng Kung Hui Choi Kou School (Macau) while those from 2C and 2D visited Sacred Heart Canossian College. Through these visits, they were able to experience the school life of Macau students, as well as gain a more in-depth understanding of the way of living in Macau through talking to local students. 

All in all, our girls thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Macau and had a chance to experience a new culture. We hope that future generations of Heep Yunn girls will also be able to widen their horizons through the school’s personal growth programmes. 

Text by: Eunice Poon (5D)