70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

For Heep Yunn musicians, it was a hectic yet fruitful month of March. Topping their regular practices with extra rehearsals, our musicians endeavoured to sharpen their skills, hoping to deliver splendid performances on stage in the annual Hong Kong Schools Music Festivals. The journey of music-making is by no means effortless, but thanks to the persistence and passion of our musicians, we have attained outstanding results.

In particular, we would like to congratulate our Senior Choir on their success in the First Division. They were awarded with two trophies, namely the Best Girls’ Choir of the Year and the Most Outstanding Choir of the Year, a feat that proves to our musicians that hard work pays off. Our girls shone on the stage and moved the adjudicators and audience with their angelic voices, their great passion for music and their unwavering determination.

Last but not least, we would like to express our greatest gratitude to teachers, conductors and advisers for their guidance, as well as the musicians for their dedication and commitment.

Text by: Casey Chow (4D)

Results :

Senior Choir Foreign Language 1st

-The Best Secondary School Girls’ Choir

-The Most Outstanding Secondary School Choir of the Year

Chinese 2nd
Junior Choir Chinese 2nd
Intermediate Mixed Choir


Foreign Language 3rd
Chinese 3rd
Senior Mixed Choir Chinese 3rd
Madrigal (Team A) 2nd
Orchestra 3rd
String Orchestra 2nd
Chinese Orchestra 3rd
Symphonic Band 2nd
Woodwind Ensemble 3rd