Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition

Trophies in their hands, teammates, schoolmates, teachers and our Headmistress by their side, our debaters proudly sang ‘Today We are One’, as we thwarted our opponents at the Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition Finals at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. The team had a tough fight, as the motion was not in our favour but we strived to do our best because this year, both our Cantonese and English teams got into the Grand Finals, certainly not an easy feat, considering we were up against formidable opponents from two hundred schools during the early period of the pandemic.


The Cantonese team argued against the motion ‘中醫服務應全面被納入公營醫療體系’. Our team showcased our team effort and responded swiftly to challenges from our opponents. Angel Sun (5D) was awarded the Best Debater Award, and we trounced our opponents.


In English section, our team was again on the opposition of the motion ‘The HK Government should implement a real-name registration system for the stock market to strengthen supervision of the financial market.’ The motion was complex and required considerable understanding of the current financial market. Our debaters delivered insightful speeches supported by logical evidence, but had to concede to a formidable opponent.

The Student Association takes the opportunities to thanks the teams and hope the lozenges helped with their delivery of both teams, and must also express our gratitude to our teachers for all their support on this our return to local debating competition after more then a decade.