Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2017

In summer 2017, our girls took part in an international Chemistry competition – Australian National Chemistry Quiz held by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. 23 of our Form 5 and Form 6 girls were ranked top 10% in the world among 110,000 participants and were presented the High Distinction or Class Excellence certificates.


The following girls were awarded High Distinction certificates:

Class Name
6D Sabrina Chan
6D Kristy Lam
6D Rachel Wong
6E Desiree Hung
6E Chloe Ip
6E Carly Yeung
6E Veronica Zhao


5A Serena Chan
5D Estella Chan
5D Kylie Cheng
5D Tiffany Lam
5D Nancy Lee
5D Bernice Lin
5D Veronica Yuen
5E Janice Wong



…and the following girls were awarded the Class Excellence certificates:

6D Joyce Cheng
6D Renee Lui
6E Dawn Cheung


5D Ivy Chan
5D Peony Chiu
5D Kiki Lee
5E Michelle Choy
5E Tori Tang


In particular, Joyce Cheng of 6D got full mark and also won the Award of Excellence. A special badge was presented to her as a recognition of her talents in Chemistry. We would like to congratulate all award winners and we wish that their zeal for scientific exploration would continue to grow strong.