Inter-school Athletics Competition 2017-2018

“One for all, and all for one!” This motto has once again been exemplified by our students in this year’s Inter-School Athletics Competition, held on 28th February, 6th and 9th  March in Wan Chai Sports Ground. As all our athletes were fighting on the tracks and striving on the field, our cheering team also spared no effort to cheer for them and the school. This is precisely the living proof of the Heep Yunn spirit – ‘Together Everyone Achieves More.’
All our athletes were committed to giving their best and managed to reap the harvest of their hard work. Our school was placed the Second Runner-up, with an overall score of 371 points. Thanks to the guidance and support from our teachers, the coaches as well as the cheering team, our result in ‘C Grade’ for girls was particularly pleasing, with our team clinching the championship. Outstanding athletes from all grades were also awarded for their remarkable personal achievements (refer to the table of results below); in particular, Cheung Ching Laam of Form 5A came first in the A Grade High Jump event with a record-breaking 1.73m, pocketing her fifth gold medal in this event. Wong Cheuk Ning of Form 5A also came first in both A Grade 800m and 1500m events, while Fong Ching of Form 2A and Lo Cheuk Yat of Form 2D secured one gold and one silver in their respective grades.

Text by: Elana Wong (4A)


A Grade
High Jump Cheung Ching Laam 5A 1st New record
400m Tsui Wing Yu 6A 3rd
800m Wong Cheuk Ning 5A 1st
1500m Wong Cheuk Ning 5A 1st
100m hurdles Yum Ka Wing 5E 3rd
Discus Lai Nga Man 6B 4th
Lau Fong Ying 5E 1st
Javelin Ng Pui Yan 5D 4th
B Grade
400m Fong Ching Sunnie 2A 1st
800m Fong Ching Sunnie 2A 2nd
800m Cheung Ming Ka 4B 4th
1500m Chan Hiu Yee 4A 4th
Long Jump Ho Kin Ling 3D 1st
Discus Fung Pak Hei 4C 4th
Shot Put Koo Hoi Ying Kody 3C 4th
Javelin Yuen Lok Tsz 4E 4th
C Grade
100m Luo Tsz Yuen 2C 2nd
800m Lo Cheuk Yat 2D 1st
1500m Lo Cheuk Yat 2D 2nd
100m Hurdles Jiang Cheuk Lam 2E 1st
Long Jump Luo Tsz Yuen 2C 1st
Discus Yung Cheuk Laam 1A 1st
Shot put Wong Hei Man Celina 1E 3rd
High Jump Mo Hoi Yan 1E 2nd