Speech Day

Years fly by; six years of school life may seem to be a long period of time, yet it can pass in the blink of an eye. Our annual Speech Day, a celebration where students of Class of 2017 replaced their school uniforms with formal suits and attended the last event in their secondary school lives, was held on 24th November.

This year, it was our pleasure to have Mr. Yeung Yun-hung, Secretary for Education, as our guest of honour presenting graduation certificates to all the graduates. Apart from that, we also celebrated the outstanding achievements of our students in academics, sports, music, and other disciplines by inviting various award winners to receive their trophies and certificates in front of all the guests, graduates and teachers.

The Speech Day is a milestone in the life of every graduate, meaning that their six years of secondary school life has officially come to an end. They will no longer wear the blue cheongsam or wander the campus of Heep Yunn. For all the graduates, the Speech Day also symbolizes a new beginning in life as they begin their university studies. Wherever they go,and whatever they do, it is certain that they will never forget their memories here in our school and also their HEEP Yunn identity. Always remember, once a Heep Yunn Girl, forever a Heep Yunn Girl.

Text by: Lucy Yip (4A)